Jewel Aich (b. 1950)


Real Name

Jewel Aich




Magician, Illusionist, Bansari (flute) player

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Aich possesses the ability of supreme showmanship skills. He is also a master in all areas of magical entertainment, including mentalism; in 1996, he made a famous prediction during the Cricket World Cup before the final.

His signature effects are "Giant Disecto," and the "Buzz Saw" illusion which he performed with his wife Bipasha Aich.

Interesting Fact

Aich is an accomplished Bansuri (bamboo flute) player, performing for the local radio station "Bangladesh Betar," and the "Voice of America" program.


Jewel Aich was born in Shomdekathi, a village in Shorupkathi Thana of the Barisal district in Bangladesh. He was the fifth of nine children in his family.

Aich was introverted in his early life, partly due to serious headaches which prevented him from playing with his friends.

He was fascinated by the art of magic from a young age, and his interest continued to grow when a gypsy man performed some magic during a visit to Aich’s family home.

Shortly thereafter, he encountered a circus performing in a nearby village, Aich saw a magician perform a trick where it appeared that he had cut the neck of his assistant.

He was so impressed by the trick that he designed a special knife which he later demonstrated to his friends by “cutting off” a friend’s leg. Aich was officially hooked on magic, and so began his career as a magician.

He read books by Bonde Ali Miah, a poet, artist, and writer of Bangladesh; but upon reading a book by P.C.Sorcar, a famous Indian magician, the idea of becoming a professional magician took root.

Aich focused his efforts on expanding his repertoire and perfecting his routines. As a result, he started to receive numerous bookings and began to make a name for himself. By the time Aich finished high school and went to college, his name had already spread through his district as a magician.

The early 1970's found Aich and his family in the middle of the Bangladesh Liberation War.

He joined the war and took part in combat. When he became ill, he took a non-combatant role teaching students in refugee camps, and inspiring the fighters. When locals discovered Aich was a magician, they took him to meet with their nearby conjurors.

In 1981, The Society of American Magicians invited Aich to America to give a performance in front of thousands of his peers, which he did successfully.

Then In 1997, a popular TV host at that time, Abdullah Abu Sayeed, invited Aich to visit Dhak, and perform magic as part of his show; he agreed and the response from audiences was overwhelming, resulting in many subsequent television appearances by Jewel.

Apart from performing all over Bangladesh, Aich took his show to major cities across the globe performing for thousands.

His illustrious career garnered him numerous awards, such as the highest prestigious award of Bangladesh, and a trophy presented by Paul Daniels at the Hackney Empire Theatre, in London, by the Jewel Aich Celebration Committee.

Jewel Aich, billed "The World's Most Artistic Illusionist," is acknowledged as being one of the most accomplished magicians of modern times.

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