Jeff McBride (b. 1959)


Real Name

Jeff McBride




Magician, Card Manipulator, Lecturer,

Teacher, Creative Consultant

Place of Birth

Goshen, New York, USA


6' 2"






McBride possesses superior abilities in manipulation dexterity. He is known for his sleight-of hand skills and specializes in the manipulation of playing cards, as well as other small objects.

He is also an accomplished fire eater and illusionist. He has been known to generate snow-storms of rice paper from his hand, and levitate on beams of light. McBride's conjuring talents have garnered him a multitude of awards, and he has set several records in the Guiness World Records.

Interesting Fact

McBride is married to his assistant, Abbi Spinner.


Jeff McBride was born September 11, 1959 in Goshen, New York.

He grew up near Rock Hill, where at the age of 8, he discovered "The Golden Book of Magic" by the Great Merlini at the Rock Hill Public Library.

He found himself fascinated and inspired by the older great magicians, especially the great Cardini.

That same year, at the time he was studying Judo, McBride performed his first magic shows for his parents. At 12, he was performing in public at the Orange County Fair in nearby Middletown, New York.

In 1975, he was the opening act for a Salsa band touring Japan. It was in Japan where he was exposed to Kabuki - a Japanese theater form which changed his life.

Soon after, McBride began performing in a Kabuki-inspired whiteface mask, incorporating the art of mime with his magic, and showcasing Oriental themes in his costuming.

McBride has become one of the most important and influential of modern magicians. His signature fusion of mask, drama and illusion reflects his lifelong study of magic's multi-cutural roots.

His first full-evening show entitled, "Mask, Myth & Magic" won acclaim Off-Broadway and on national tour, as well as art festivals all over the world. With this act, McBride been highly successful, appearing dozens of times in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, Japan and elsewhere; he has worked with Diana Ross, Tina Turner, Criss Angel, and others.

Jeff has garnered several awards, including recognition by the Academy of Magical Arts, the Society of American Magicians, and the International Grand Prix of Magic as "Magician of the Year."

Jeff McBride is currently based in Las Vegas, Nevada. He founded the "McBride Magic and Mystery School" to teach the art of stage magic. He is also an accomplished magic creative consultant, and lecturer.

He continues to travel the world performing, teaching and inspiring thousands through his creative innovations.

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