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Jeffrey Hobson




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Hobson possesses the ability to induce laughter in audiences with his unique clever mix of comedy and magic. He's virtuosic in his physical comedy, his flamboyant flights of fancy and lightning shifts of tone and mood, he blends all these elements effortlessly.

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Hobson is a professional Fire Eater.


Jeff Hobson was born March 23, 1962. The son of a tool-and-die maker, Hobson grew up in Detroit and later attended Lutheran High School East in Harper Woods, Michigan.

He had his first experience with magic at the age of seven, when a police officer who was also a magician attended Hobson's school one day.

The magician performed a trick in which he used a red, yellow and green ball representing a traffic light to teach safety lessons. Young Hobson was blown away.

From there on he wanted to become a professional magician. He began studying the magical arts, creating, developing and polishing his craft and drawing upon his influences in comedy, such as Red Skelton, Danny Kaye and Dick Van Dyke.

He began to make a very good living performing magic and bypassed any further educational schooling, despite a teacher's offer to pay his way through college.

He mentored under Detroit magic guru karrell Fox who was one of the most influential magicians of the 20th century. In the tradition of Fox, Hobson created his act involving small tricks, such as his coveted Egg Bag routine.

Ever since Hobson could remember, he was a natural at making people laugh; so naturally, he infused comedy with his magic and developed his repertoire as a comedy magician.

He later delved deeper into his personage developing a character that he calls "ambiguous." He honed his act like a star with a little bit of comedian Paul Lynde and the glitzy clothes of Liberace. The ambiguous Hobson paraded around flamboyantly, yet making references to his wife named Chuck, and never fully admitting his sexual orientation.

Jeff Hobson's big break came at the age of 30, when he began auditioning at the comedy club "Catch a Rising Star" at Bally's Casino in Las Vegas.

The comedy circuit was notable for its role in starting the careers of many famous singers and comedians.

After four appearances there, he was discovered by Dick Foster who produced the popular "Spellbound" magic show in 1992. A year later, Hobson join the Spellbound cast at Harrah's Casino, Las Vegas. The same year, he was named "Best Comedy/Magician" by the "International Magic Awards."

His run at Spellbound lasted over four years including being the only act held over by request of casino management during a mid-contract show change.

After a three-year hiatus that took Hobson to Reno to produce and star in the critically-acclaimed magic production show called, "Carnival of Wonders," he came back home to become the "Host of Las Vegas."

Since then, he has starred in his own, one-man show, "Money and Madness" and been the Master of Ceremonies for countless special events and production shows including the "World's Greatest Magic Show" and "V-The Ultimate Variety Show." Hobson has opened for several big headliners, including Phyllis Diller, Barbara Mandrel, Lee Greenwood, David Sanborn and Roy Clark.

His television appearances include HBO, Showtime’s Comedy Club Network, Fox Family’s “Masters of Illusion," NBC’s “Magic on the Edge” as well as the star of Thames Televsion’s “Magic Comedy Strip," a 16 week televison series in England.

Jeff Hobson is a favorite entertainer among many of the Fortune 500 companies and has garnered prestigious awards, including "Stage magician of the Year" by the Academy of Magical Arts (AMA), and "Best Magic Review" by the World Magic Awards for his role as star and producer of the critically acclaimed "Carnival of Wonders" show at the Reno Hilton and Casino, Nevada.

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