J C Sum (b. 1976)


J C Sum Real Name

Sum Jan-chung


"The Thinking Man's Magician"


Illusionist, Illusion designer, Lecturer

Place of Birth



5' 7"






J C Sum possesses the creative genius to invent outstanding Mega illusions. For example, he has the ability to teleport himself and others at will.

He is best known for performing South East Asia's first ever mega illusion-"The Impossible Teleportation," where he teleported up 50 stories in 5 seconds in front of over 9000 spectators.

J C and Ning also successfully teleported 3 spectators across the iconic Singapore River in 2.5 seconds, witnessed by 5000 spectators.


J C Sum is one of the most highly respected illusionists and illusion designers from Asia. "AsiaOne" magazine named him as “one of the most celebrated illusionists in Asia” and "Singapore's David Copperfield".

"MagicSeen" called him “The Ace in Asia,” and "The Straits Times" declared him "Singapore's most famous magician"

J C Sum was born Sum Jan-Chung on December 5, 1976 in Singapore. J C first encountered magic at the age of 12 and began performing professionally at the age of 16. Some of his early influences were David Copperfield, Dai Vernon and Franz Harary.

In 1993, J C joined the International Brotherhood of Magicians and took part in the 1994 Close-up Competition where he took 2nd place with an original Cups and balls routine. He also garnered the "Most Entertaining Magician" title at the 1996 IBM Close-up Magic Competition.

In 1998, his “One-Man-Parade” was published in the March issue of The Linking Ring, the official publication of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. This compilation of original magic effects bestowed him two coveted Linking Ring Awards the next year.

Throughout his junior college school days and time in national service in the Army , J C performed shows for numerous venues. After national service, he was admitted to the National University of Singapore.

He gave up a 4th year honors degree to pursue magic full-time. In 2000, J C was performing shows for corporate & special events across Asia.

J C is also an inventor of magic. He designs and creates many of his own illusions for his shows and is constantly pushing the envelope with cutting edge magic effects.

Sum founded "Concept: Magic," Singapore's only full-sevice magic production house that provides high-end magic-centric consultancy, production and entertainment for live shows, events and television across Asia Pacific.

Speaking of TV, J C has also graced the television world. In 2006, J C starred in Singapore’s first street magic television series, as part of Jack Neo's popular "Top Fun" variety show.

The same year, he also appeared in 3 episodes of a variety television show performing street magic for the Shanghai Oriental Television Station, China. In 2007, Singapore had J C starred in "Magic in Motion," a 24-part Street Magic series.

J C performs all his live shows with 'Magic Babe' Ning, Singapore’s only professional female magician.

In August, 2008, the duo starred in "Ultimate Magic" at mega club, The Arena; located in Clarke Quay, the top entertainment district in Singapore. Ultimate Magic features a variety of illusions, including many never before seen in Asia.

On 12 Dec 2010, J C and Ning performed "The Arial Exit," where they vanished five audience members while they were elevated 24 ft in the air in front of over 1,000 spectators at the Asian Civilisations Museum.

In 2011, J C and Ning were asked to star and host one of the two Singapore's first 3D television show. The show was to showcase Singapore's Arts & Culture and Ning & J C's brand of magic. The 3D TV Special was commissioned by Singapore's Media Development Authority.

J C and Ning continue to break the boundaries of magic and perform their illusion shows across Asia.

For more information, visit J C Sum's official website.

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