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Walker, Roslyn

• Walker, Val

Walsh, Liam (b.1989) British street magician who got his start performing in nightclubs. He has become one of the biggest names in the UK spotlight for his unbelievable shuffling skills. He is also the creator of the very successful "POP" clothing line.

Walton, Roy (b. 1932) British magician who's an expert in card magic. Walton currently lives and works in Glasgow, Scotland. First interested in magic at the age of eight, Roy Walton is a world-recognized card magician creating hundreds of card tricks, including his most famous effect, Card Warp.

Wandas, Suzy

Warpo (b.1959) - American magician who had a successful history as a pitchman and trained under Sir David Walker. He is now based in New Orleans, and has been street performing for over three years.

Webster, Sue-Anne

• Welles, Orson

• Willard, Frances

Willman, Justin

• Wilson, Gregory

Wilson, Keith (b.?) aka The Great Wilsoni, and Balloonatik - American magician and veteran in the art of street performing, He was mentored by Albert Owens, and gained notoriety working the streets of New York. Wilsoni is currently based in New Orleans.

Wilson, Mark

Wind, Tommy

Wisch, Bill

Wonder, Tommy

Wyrick, Steve

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