Index T: Magicians

Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

Category: Magicians


Takayama, Cyril

Talksalot, Jimmy


Tamariz, Juan

• Tarbell, Harlan

Tempest, Marco

• Timon, Margo

• Teller, see Penn and Teller

Tenko, Princess

Thomas, Rick

Thompson, Johnny

Thurston, Howard

Thurston, Jane

• Tobin, Neil

Toot (b.1950) aka Riki Palmer - American magician and balloon artist who is a seasoned street performer trained by busking legend Cellini. He has amazed audiences in 21 countries and was written about in "Cellini's Dreamer's Highway."

Tudor, Brian (b.1975) aka King Of Cards; an american magician/Flourisher who is one of the best performers of XCM, eXtreme Card Manipulation, and was the first card manipulator to create a videotape strictly teaching flourishing.

Toguchi, Kristi

• Turner, Richard

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