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Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

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O'Dell, Dell

Ogawa, Shoot

Okinu (b. 1895-?), aka Iwa Kato - Japanese magician, wife and partner to Tenkai. Okinu was an expert at sleight-of-hand and was the Teacher of female magician, Taki. Okinu Retired when Tenkai died in 1972.

Okita (b.1852-1916), aka Julia Ferret - British magician, wife and partner to Charles De Vere. In 1877, she performed a highly successful act in Japanese style, and was noted for her linking rings act. She toured England and France for many years and was the mother of "Ionia, the Goddess of Mystery."

• Okito

• Oliver, David

• Orleans, Danny

Ortiz, Darwin

Osterlind, Richard

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