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Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

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Geraldine Larsen Baker Jaffe (1906-1998), aka Geri Larson and "The Magic Lady." American magician who was the first woman to perform magic on TV in San Francisco in 1939. She formed the first women magicians organization in 1936 and also founded Genii with her husband William W. Larsen, Sr.

James, kevin

• James, Rob

Jamison, Cath

Jania (b.?), aka Jania Taylor. American magician, MC, and speaker who graduated from the Chavez Studio of Magic in Colon, Michigan. Known for her manipulation prowess, Jania is one of the few women in the world performing a classic manipulation act.

• Jay, Joshua

Jayne (b.?), aka Jayne Corrigan. British close-up magician specializing in sleight-of-hand manipulation with cards and coins. She has performed worldwide, and is one of a hand full of female members of the prestigious 'Magic Circle.'

Jay, Ricky

• Jennings, Larry

• Jermay, Luke

• Jillette, Penn, see Penn and Teller


Johnson, Kristen

Johnathan, Amazing

• Jones, Barry

Jones, Phelston (b.?) - American magician who began his magic career busking on the streets of New York City. He has since performed before royalty and entertained all over the world. He resides in Las Vegas and balances his photography business with his performances.

• Jordan, Charles

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