Index H: Magicians

Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

Category: Magicians


• Hamman, Br. John

Harary, Franz


Harlan, Dan

Harris, Paul

Hart, Christopher

• Hatfield, Murray and Teresa

Hato, Nestor (b. ?) French magician/card flourisher who is most noted for his creative card manipulation act, "Crazy Card Magic." His act has garnered him numerous awards which has allowed him to travel worldwide.

Haydn, Whit

Henning, Doug

Herrmann, Adelaide

Herrmann, Alexander

• Hilliard, John Northern

Ho, Bone

Hobson, Jeff

Hofzinser, Johann

Holliday, Sonny

Hollingworth, Guy

Houchin, Wayne

Houdini, Harry

Hugard, Jean

Hurst, Lulu

Hustle, Danny

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