Index G: Magicians

Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

Category: Magicians


Gabriel, Joseph


• Ganson, Lewis

Gara, Maria - The SnakeBabe

• Garcia, Frank

• Gardner, Martin


Geller, Uri

• Gertner, Paul

Gibson, Walter B.

Gilbert, George aka GG (b. 1986) - American magician born in Baltimore, MD who started performing magic since he was 8. He studied under renown street magicians Eric Evans and Jimmy Talksalot and has been busking full-time since 2006. He predominately performs in Ocean City, MD.

Gillis, Brian

• Gladwin, Andi

Goldfinger and Dove

Goldin, Horace

• Goldston, Will

Goodwin, Bill (b. ?) American magician and resident librarian for the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood. Goodwin is a specialist in card magic. Among his created effects are, Triad, Siamese Twins and Linking Laces.

Grandinetti, Michael

Grabel, Lee

• Gray, Will

Green, Lennart

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