Index F: Magicians

Here is a comprehensive directory of all categories of magician biographies - from close up wizards to mega illusionists.

Category: Magicians


• Fakir of Ava

• Farla, Christian

• Farquhar, Shawn

Fay, Anna Eva

• Ferguson, Rich

• Finney, Michael

• Fischbacher, Siegfried,
see Siegfried and Roy

• Fitzkee, Dariel

• Flosso, Al

• Foo, Ching Ling

Foster, Beatrice (b.?), aka Beatrice Fleming Foster. She performed with Howard Thurston and became his second wife on May 10, 1910, in New York City. They divorced on April 24th, 1914, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She performed under the title, the "Queen of Magic" for ten years.

Frank, Tom (b. 1966) - American magician who grew up in Cincinnati, Ohio and studied with Cellini in the early 1980s in New Orleans. He lived in Los Angeles with magician Sylvester the Jester as his roommate for two years, and began busking in New York City in 1983. His signature effect is his Cups and Balls routine.

• Freedman, James

Frewin, Greg

Angela Funovitz

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