Learn How To Levitate!

“The real secret of magic lies in the performance.” David Copperfield

Levitation: An illusion or paranormal phenomena in which a person rises into the air without any apparent means of support, seemingly in defiance of the force of gravity.

Before one learns how to levitate, they should first know a little about this magical ability.

Levitation may in fact be among the oldest of documented paranormal phenomena. Numerous accounts of levitation have been recorded in Christianity and Islam. Among the first was Simon Magus in the first century A.D.

Whether these personal accounts of levitation are true is questionable, however, through the means of modern magic and illusion, these miraculous feats can be performed.

Today, magicians such as David Blaine, Criss Angel, Peter Marvey and David Copperfield have revived and brought the illusion of levitation to new heights.

Below is a great impromptu Levitation that anyone can do!

BALDUCCI LEVITATION - Levitate 3 - 5 inches off the ground!

The Balducci Levitation was first described by magician Ed Balducci.

You may best know of this levitation as performed by David Blaine on his TV special titled "David Blaine: Street Magic." However, his version has been altered to look more dramatic.

The beauty of this levitation is that it requires no preparation time or gimmicks, and can be performed anywhere. With some practice, you'll be floating before your friends and family in no time!

Check out the video tutorial on the Balducci Levitation below. This trick is angle sensitive so make sure you practice in front of a mirror or another fellow magician to help make this illusion a success!


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