Harry Anderson (b. 1952)


Harry Anderson's Real Name

Harry Laverne Anderson




Magician, Inventor, Actor

Place of Birth

Newport, Rhode Island, USA


6' 4"






Harry Anderson possesses the ability of skillful hustling. A master con artist, Anderson has superior swindling skills that can clean out the most savviest gambler.

He is also a creator of numerous magic effects including the popular "Mismade Bill" trick. Anderson has several signature effects, one of which is his famous "Needle Thru Arm" illusion.

Interesting Fact

Anderson suffers from severe stage fright, and is notorious for getting cottonmouth before going on stage. He always carries a bottle of water with him on stage.


Harry Anderson was born October 14, in Newport, Rhode Island. His first exposure to magic began when the Anderson family moved to Chicago.

Anderson's father, who was a salesman, would occasionally lead him downstairs to the Ambassador East Hotel where the famous restaurant "The Pump Room" was.

There, Anderson discovered wise guys playing card games, hustling and occasionally performing magic tricks.

Young Anderson became highly intrigued by the art of conjuring and wanted to learn more about the subject.

He eventually had the opportunity to see legendary magician Harry Blackstone, Sr. perform at a show. Anderson was fascinated by the performance and continued to digest all he could about magic.

Anderson moved to Los Angeles and attended High School there. Every day after school, he would practice, fine tune and polish his conjuring skills.

He joined the Dante magic club where he rubbed elbows with close-up magic wizards Paul Harris and Paul Green. He also frequented the "Magic Castle" where he befriended a lot of magicians, including magic legend Dai Vernon.

At age 17, Anderson decided to move to San Francisco and worked the streets performing magic. He soon discovered that he could make more money in hustling the crowd. So he incorporated magic tricks and swindling into his routines.

In 1981, he made a series of television appearances on Saturday Night Live under the stage name "Buck Henry."

His copious appearances on SNL led to his role as "Harry the Hat" on the first season of "Cheers" and eventually as Judge Harry Stone on the hit TV show "Night Court."

Anderson went on to appear in numerous other TV specials and shows, including 12 appearances on the "Tonight Show" with Johnny Carson.

As a magician, Anderson has since toured extensively and performed many comedy/magic shows for clubs and broadcast, including "Harry Anderson's Sideshow" in 1987.

In the 1990s, Anderson and his wife owned a little shop in New Orleans called "Sideshow," selling magic and curiosities. In 2005, he also opened a nightclub in the French Quarter called "Oswald's Speakeasy," however, due to the decline in tourism and other reasons, the Andersons decided to leave New Orleans.

The Andersons sold Oswald's Speakeasy in October 2006, and now reside in Asheville, North Carolina.

Anderson continues to present his evening show "Wise Guy," which was originally developed for his theater in New Orleans.

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