Guy Bavli (b. 1971)


Real Name

Guy Bavli


Wonder Kid


Mentalist, Inventor, Lecturer

Place of Birth

Tel Aviv, Israel








Guy Bavli possesses the uncanny ability to bend metal objects by using the sheer power of his mind. Specializing in psychological entertainment, Bavli's live performances combines psychology, physiology, and intuition to demonstrate his telepathic and mental contorting powers.

One of Bavli's signature effects is his physiological ability to apparently stop his heart from beating - rendering himself lifeless for a moment, and then resuscitating himself back to life.

Interesting Fact

Guy Bavli's motto is "love life - smile and the world will smile to you, always have positive thoughts."


Guy Bavli was born in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1971.

Bavli, the youngest of three sons, suffered from being overweight as a child, as well as having to endure the divorce of his parents.

He then turned to studying the art of magic as a source of solace. His interest in magic continued to grow as he immersed himself in a multitude of books on the subject.

Bavli soon discovered famed mentalist Uri Geller, whom he idolized and watched on Israeli television.

At the age of five, he began displaying signs of his destiny, entertaining and harnessing the extraordinary ability to charm people while he performed.

Recognizing his unique talent, Bavli's family provided him the opportunity to perform his first paid performance at a country club in Tel Aviv at the young age of eight.

The show became a weekly hit in Tel Aviv for nearly a year.

While most kids his age were out playing ball games, Bavli was mastering his craft and perfecting his performances that earned him the reputation of a child prodigy star.

By age of thirteen, Bavli was billed as the "wonder kid," and was the opening act for popular national artists on tour in Israel.

The next year, he stepped into the international scene by becoming the first Israeli performer to win an international magic competition in the United States.

The victory propelled his name into the limelight as he received a multitude of media coverage for the honor he brought to Israel.

Bavli subsequently continued to receive more recognition; he has been honored with the "Best Magician / Entertainer of the Year" award for three consecutive years.

In 1990, Bavli was the first ever to receive the award for "Magician / Entertainer of the Decade 80's - 90's" from the Israeli Society for promoting the art of magic.

Bavli would later go on to serve with the Israeli armed forces for three years, which during that time he took heavy interest in the art of mentalism.

He developed his telepathic skills shifting his focus from conjuring to psychological entertainment.

Bavli eventually became the first and only mind-reading entertainer-soldier.

Bavli also expanded his ability as an entertainer by becoming a member of the “Israeli Air force Performing Group” as an actor and singer.

Following his service in the military and having perfected his show, Bavli carved a niche for himself as a world-renowned mentalist entertainer and launched the critically acclaimed international tour: "Guy Bavli - Master of the Mind."

Among Bavli’s later work is a three-year contract with Caesar’s Palace located in Las Vegas, his appearance in the NBC TV series "Phenomenon," and Carnegie Hall in New York.

Publicity and corporate events have become one of Bavli's known specialties leading to astounding performances in many countries in Europe and the United States.

Apart from traveling the world, astonishing audiences with his mind-mesmerizing performances, Bavli is also an accomplished creator of magical effects and published DVD's.

He has invented such effects as "Perfect Key Bending," "Inter-Net-Bag;" "Super Writer Pro," "Ash-Felt;" "Show Biz Card" and "Mental Calculator."

Bavli has owned and operated his entertainment company: "Master of the Mind" since 1980, and is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

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