Greg Frewin (b. 1967)


Real Name

Greg Frewin




Magician, Illusionist

Place of Birth

Hamilton, Ontario, Canada








Frewin possesses the ability of masterful feats of illusion specifically in the arena of live animals. He is also an adept conjuror and dove manipulator.

Interesting Fact

Frewin owns a variety of animals which he incorporates in his show; from a tiny Papillion dog, named Phuphu, to a ferocious lion, named Zeus.


Greg Frewin was born May 21, 1967 in Hamiltion, Ontario, Canada.

He became interested in magic as a child; his grandfather would show him tricks leaving young Frewin fascinated.

At the age of nine, he received a magic set for Christmas. However, it wasn't until Frewin's grandfather took him to see a Doug Henning show that changed his life.

After Henning's live performance and several his television shows, Frewin was inspired to study the art of magic. He ventured the local library, dissecting every bit of information he could find on the subject.

When he was fifteen, Frewin a gentleman started teaching him the fundamentals of sleight-of-hand. He performed at libraries, and hospitals before he moved up to paying gigs at birthday parties at the age of sixteen.

Frewin was inspired by Lance Burton and Siegfried and Roy, which started him to incorporate doves and animals in his act.

He grew up with a St. Bernard and various animals in his household. But, it wasn't until he was eighteen years old when he started working with a cougar which belonged to his friend, and eventually worked the feline into his act.

Since then, Frewin has appeared in Japan, Chile, Columbia, Venezuela and all over Europe. A command performance for Prince Rainier in Monte Carlo along with over 35 TV appearances world wide attest to this mans notoriety.

Frewin won first place at the International Brotherhood of Magicians (IBM) competition of professional magicians.

Not only did he win first place but was honored by being presented The Gold Medal of Excellence which had only been presented 4 times in the Associations 65 year history.

He went on to win First Place at the Society of American Magicians (SAM) annual magic convention competition. To top it all off, he won first place at FISM, the Olympics of magic which were held in Yokahama Japan. Greg Frewin has won every major award in the world of Magic.

The only magician ever in the World to have won the triple crown in magic, Frewin was honored by the Canadian Association of Magicians with the first ever Magician of the year award.

He has gone on to appear on stages all over the world including Caesars Palace, Tropicana and Flamingo Hilton in Las Vegas, Showboat in Atlantic City, Crystal Palace Casino in Nassau, Bahamas, the fabulous Genting Resort in Malaysia, Kaula Lumpur, Malaysia.

He is currently signed to a 20-year performance contract at the Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagra Falls, Canada.

Information credit:, Laurie Lonsdale,

Photo credit: Tony Felgueiras, The Anderson Group.

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