Gerrie Larsen (?-?)

Gerrie Larsen, also known as "The Magic Lady" was one of the female pioneers in magic.

She paved the way in television magic when she was the first woman magician to appear on television in the San francisco World's Fair 1939. At the time, she performed her rabbit-selecting card act.

In 1948, she starred in her own half hour magic show on local television KTLA, Los Angeles. She also starred in her own children's magic show on ABC, which was in syndication for several years.

Larsen was a very gifted person; not only did she perform magic, but she was an excellent writer who wrote two novels and several articles for Genii magazine.

Her classic routine was called the "Magic Lady" act, which she performed as part of the Larsen family of magicians.

As part of their show, she and her husband would perform various themed acts, including classic magic of the past, present, future and the orient. She would dress in elaborate clothing, from grand hoop skirts, to Japanese kimono.

Larsen formed the first women magicians organization in 1936 and during that same year founded Genii with her husband William W. Larsen, Sr. She took over as publisher when he passed away.

She remarried television personality Art Baker, and after he passed away she remarried one more time to Rubin Jaffe.

Her two sons Bill Larsen Jr. and Milt Larsen created the "It's Magic" stage shows and founded the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California.

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