Gazzo (b. 1960)


Real Name

Gary Osborne


Gazzo Macee


Magician, Street entertainer, Author, Lecturer

Place of Birth

Oxford, England, UK








Macee possesses the ability of superior sleight-of hand and entertaining skills in the art of busking (street performing for gratuities). A legend among street magicians, Macee is most famous for his classic take on the cup and balls routine, which has been emulated by hundreds of magicians around the world.

Interesting Fact

Macee, a specialist in cons and scams, was the only student of legendary Walter Irving Scott aka the "Phantom," perhaps the greatest cardsharp ever.


Gazzo Macee was born in Oxford, England on March 23 1960.

He had always had a fascination for sleight of hand work ever since he saw legendary magician Slydini on the television at the age of 9.

Through various situations at the age of 14, Macee became a look-out for the notorious Three-card Monte mob in London run by Cracker Parker. It was there that he learned how to organize and control crowds.

This would later come useful to his career as a street performer.

When he decided to use his sleight of hand skills to entertain instead of conning crowds, he soon became very successful at street performing in Oxford and soon London's Covent Garden. 

Macee always had an interest in gambling and the Three-card Monte game. When he was young he studied "Phantom of the Card Table" by Walter Scott. When he turned 23, he left the UK for America with under $100 in his pocket, and set off to search for the living legend of Walter Scott.

Luck came his way and he found Mr.Scott living in Rhode Island. The two became friends and Walter Scott took Macee under his wing and taught him everything with cards. (mainly gambling related items)

Macee and David Britland wrote a book called "Phantoms of the Card Table" about Walter Scott and Macee's famous quest in search of the man.

He soon became known for his superior skills with playing cards, but unfortunately, due to a stroke in his early 30's he has lost the capability that he once had.

After recovering from his stroke, Macee continued to work the streets of America and became famously known for his take on the classic cups and balls routine. A routine that hundreds of magicians around the world perform to this day.

He has since graced stages around the world, including Canada, Spain, Germany, France, Holland, Switzerland and Austria.

Macee is known for his abrasive, Don Rickles-style humor which is widely popular with his crowds and other magicians or entertainers that get to watch his show.

Macee is currently located in Bath, England and continues to perform and lecture around the world, whether it be on cruise ships, Las Vegas stages, Festivals or the streets.

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