Prepare To Amaze
Learn Free Street Magic!

"Can I show you something that transcends the mind?" David Blaine

Would you like to learn free street magic? Do you want to be the next David Blaine?

Perhaps you just want to shock and perplex anyone who defies your ability, send people running down the street screaming in sheer terror, or just stir up a little mass pandemonium and chaos in the minds of your fellow audience?... That can be arranged!

I've often had spectators ask me "You know that one street magician?... David Blaine?, or Criss Angel? Can you bite a quarter? or make a card appear on the other side of a window?"

Now you can beat 'em to the punch with these top Blaine, Angel street miracles. Put them in your arsenal and blast them away!

Enjoy learning from these great free video tutorials that will shock and amaze even the hardest of skeptics! Don't forget - Before you can knock 'em dead, you must practice first.


David Blaine's "360 Degrees Arm Twist" Revealed


David Blaine's "Magical Straight" Revealed Created by Stephane Vanel

David Blaine's "Self Tying Shoelace" aka "STS" Revealed Created by Jay Noblezada

David Blaine's "Healed And Sealed" Soda Revealed Created by Anders Moden

Criss Angel's "String Through Neck" aka "Saw" Revealed Created by Sean Fields

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