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Free Magic Tricks -
"To give (the audience) an experience that touches them at an emotional level is what's important. That to me is true magic." Criss Angel

Want to learn free magic tricks?

Here you will find a directory of mind blowing tricks you can learn for FREE! Want to do magic just like David Blaine or Criss Angel?

Now you can, and it's all easily available through free video tutorials.

Each video has carefully reviewed and selected by me to give you the best training in the magical arts for the beginning magician. So if you are starting out in magic, this is the place to learn.

Why am I revealing these closely guarded secrets of magic? Because I want you to discover, learn and appreciate the cool art of magic just as I have. For you young wizards out there, you got it made with video tutorials. I, on the other hand, didn't even have a computer to learn from! Yes... I am an older wizard - but a very knowledgeable one!

Our video tutorial resources can teach you numerous Free Street Magic Tricks, Free Coin Tricks, Free Card Tricks, Free Bar Magic Tricks, Strange Magic, Mentalism and just about any other type of Illusions you can think of.

Though we are revealing free Magic secrets to the public, I am trusting you as a fellow Magician to keep the secret art of magic well guarded.

Ready to have some fun? Ok... get them fingers nimble, practice and go mystify someone!


Check out these cool magic videos for card tricks, coin tricks, mind reading and much more!

Magic Tutorial Videos

Easy Tricks

Card Tricks

Easy Coin Tricks

Mind Reading Tricks

Street Magic Tricks

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