Franz Harary (b. 1962)


Real Name

Franz Harary




Illiusion-designer, Engineer, Artist,


Place of Birth

Ann Arbor, MI, USA


5' 10"


185...ish lbs ("my winter weight")




Mega Blonde


Franz Harary has the awesome ability to manipulate, materialize, dematerialize, and transport, fixed and non-fixed architecture.

For example, In India, Harary levitated the Taj Mahal as part of his TV special viewed by over 400 million people. In Cairo, Egypt, he made the Sphinx invisible.

In Moscow, he caused a Russian tank surrounded by a cordon of military police to disappear, and live in Rio de Janiero, Harry moved the Cristo (Rio's 15 story statue) from the top of one mountain to another.


Incorporating a lifelong love of both music and magic, Franz Harary became well-known throughout his home state of Michigan as an extraordinary boy who could dazzle crowds with large scale illusions.

Born and raised in Ann Arbor, Michigan, on July 18, 1962, Harary's fascination with magic began in his youth, as did his avid interest in the arts.

He did plays and productions from elementary school right through college. He Attended eastern Michigan University on a classical voice and music scholarship. 

While in the Michigan Marching Band, Harary, then known as "Harary the Magnificent," convinced the director to let him merge his passions for music and magic by designing illusions as part of the half-time shows.

Harary once made the trumpet section vanish from the 20 yard line and reappear at the opposite end of the football field.

He also levitated a young lad at mid-field. Since then, his magic has been featured at countless sporting events including the 1983 Rose Bowl and the 1989 Super bowl.

In 1983 Harary's career skyrocketed when he sent a videotape "cold" to superstar Michael Jackson.

The material so impressed the singer that a quick meeting was arranged and Harary found himself the designer of all of the illusions Jackson utilized for the famous 1984 "Jackson's Victory Tour."

Since working with Jackson, Harary's credits have come to read like a veritable who's who of today's pop music industry.

His clients include Janet Jackson, Alice Cooper, Tina Turner, Earth, Wind and Fire as well as countless others.

Harary has single handedly brought back magic as a viable element in today's live concert productions.

Since deciding in 1987 to begin performing live himself, Harary has appeared on television programs worldwide.

In the United States, his appearances have included "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous," "Circus of the Stars, ABC's "Sea World Special" and many others.

He has also guest starred on numerous television specials in Japan, the UK, Belgium, Mexico and Italy.

Franz has starred in his own one hour television specials in Singapore, China, Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia.

Harary's series Magic Planet is in syndication globally, along with his past series Masters of Illusion and most of his 42 other TV specials that remain alive in reruns.

In 2008 Harary was awarded for "Best Escape Artist" on the televised "World Magic Awards."

Today every illusion show in Las Vegas features some of Harary's magic; Aside from starring in his own live show, Mega Magic, (currently the largest touring illusion production in the world).

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