Florian Zimmer (b. 1980)


Real Name

Florian Zimmer




Magician, illusionist

Place of Birth



5' 11"




Dirty Blonde


Zimmer possesses the ability to breed creativity and originality through his illusions. Self-taught, Zimmer is a perfectionist, always looking for the perfect illusion. His sleight-of-hand skills are unsurpassed, and his specialty in magic is card manipulation.


Magician extraordinaire Florian Zimmer was called to magic at the tender age of 10, where he watched a professional magician perform at a family celebration in Germany.

That event opened his eyes to a whole new magical world that would change his life forever.

Young Zimmer would practice day and night, reading numerous books on magic, honing his skills until he was good enough to get hired performing his craft throughout Germany.

Still in his teens, he began creating his special 10 minute act, which would blend an urban, street style look along with cutting edge magic and illusion.

His act, entitled "The Color of Magic," began to take shape and inevitably morphed into a stylish, modern display of masterful card manipulation, Fire-spraying graffiti cans and even making a bmx bicycle appear from thin air - while the urban sounds of "Gorillaz" blasts out of the speakers.

Seven years after perfecting the "The Color of Magic," Zimmer was ready to take on the world. In 2006, he presented his new act in the popular them park "Legoland Guenzburg," in Germany. His act was a smash hit.

While in his early twenties, his act garnered him numerous awards, and is the reigning "European Champion of Magic".

His act is one of the most popular performances in Europe, and millions of people were glued to their TV's as they watched Zimmer astound and amaze with his mind-numbing illusions.

At 25, Florian Zimmer was invited by master illusionists Siegfried and Roy to Las Vegas Nevada to celebrate his US debut and receive the coveted "Golden Lion Award". He was the first and only German magician ever to garner such a prestigious award.

Florian Zimmer's magic has captivated audiences all around the globe. Even the "King of Pop" became a declared fan.

After the "World Magic Seminar," Michael Jackson, who was in the audience that evening, met Zimmer backstage and invited him to his home to perform for a private audience.

As a result from Jackon's VIP performance, Zimmer, along with magic consultant Don Wayne, created the opening appearance for Janet Jackson's World Tour.

In 2007, he followed in the footsteps of Harry Houdini and attempted an escape act called "Smash It," in which he was put into a straitjacket, and placed inside a wooden box which was set on fire.

He had to escape from the blazing box before becoming smashed by a 5 ton monster truck which was suspended in the air directly over him.

In 2009, he took home the "Merlin Award," and "World Magic awards" for "Best Contemporary Magician".

For more information, visit Florian Zimmer's official website.

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