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Female magicians? You mean there's women out there who actually perform magic professionally? Yes - and they are gradually multiplying like bunnies from a hat.

There are approximately 100 full-time female magicians in the world.

Women overall are a minority of the magicians who perform today.

For centuries, men have run the gamut in the world of magic; historically, women have been the magician's assistant;

pushing props on and off stage; getting shoved into boxes, being implemented in a myriad of torture devises; dancing and often, making the magic work while the magician gets the applause.

Now the shoe's on the other foot. However, instead of wingtips they are high heel pumps! Female magicians, also known as magiciannes, now have men do their bidding.

Many magicians' wives have done their share on stage, but almost always as assistants.

Today, husband and wife teams like Kalin and Jinger, share the applause, working as a team to create some of today's hottest illusions.

Female Magicians

Melinda - First Lady of Magic

'Magic Babe' Ning

Angela Funovitz

Luna Shimada

Arian Black

Ava Do

Tina Lenert

Juliana Chen



Maria Gara - The SnakeBabe


Autumn Morning Star

Maritess - Queen of Magic

Princess Tenko

Trixie Bond

Annie Abbott



Kristen Johnson

Anna Eva Fay


Dell O'Dell

Celeste Evans

Lyn Dillies

Adelaide Herrmann

Dorothy Dietrich

Fay Presto

Becky Blaney

Sue-Anne Webster

Kitty Baldwin

Connie Boyd

Lulu Hurst


Blanka Absolon


Billy Kidd

Kristi Toguchi

Ai and Yuki


Crystal Sinclair

Sophie Evans

Romany - Diva of Magic

Laura London

Charlotte Pendragon


Suzy Wandas

Morgan the Escapist

Misty Lee


Terri Rogers


Krystyn Lambert







Joan Brandon

• Sisuephan, see Brian Gillis & Sisuephan

June Merlin

Kleo Dorotti

Alexanderia the Great

Gerrie Larsen

Ruth Dore

Lady Frances

Cath Jamison

Jania (b.?), aka Jania Taylor. American magician, MC, and speaker who graduated from the Chavez Studio of Magic in Colon, Michigan. Known for her manipulation prowess, Jania is one of the few women in the world performing a classic manipulation act.

Chérie Kay (b.?-2012) American magician and stage hypnotist who specializes in a variety of entertainment, including close-up magic, comedy/magic, illusions, motivational speaking and lecturing.

Frances Ireland Marshall (1910-2002), aka Frances Ahrens. American magician who specialized in children's shows. In 1938 she founded 'Magigals' with Bess Houdini (Harry Houdini's wife). She was married to magician Jay marshall.

Karen Beriss (b.?) American magician and speaker who specializes in corporate entertainment. In the 1990's, she teamed up with Mark Phillips who launched a trade show service called 'Thin Air Productions."

Julie Eng (b.?) Canadian magician who comes from a family of magicians, and has been a stage performer since she was a child. She has also been featured in the famous 'The Linking Ring' magazine.

Jayne (b.?), aka Jayne Corrigan. British close-up magician specializing in sleight-of-hand manipulation with cards and coins. She has performed worldwide, and is one of a hand full of female members of the prestigious 'Magic Circle.'

Connie Elstun (b.?) American magician and clown who has been performing magic professionally for 20 years. She specializes in children's entertainment and is the owner and operator of Connie and Co. 's Magic for Children.

Joan Dukore (b. 1976) American magician who started her career as a dancer, then later branched into magic. Based in Las Vegas, Joan has gained notoriety for her original routines and showmanship.

Diane Vira lane (1957-2008), aka Dazzling Diane, Snickerdoodle the Clown. American magician who hosted her own TV magic show in San Diego. She was also featured on the cover of 'The Linking Ring' Magazine.

Rita Del Gardi (b. 1902), aka Rita Prevette, American magician born in Nashville, Tennessee, and who was one of the foremost female magicians of her time. In her act she wore a formal gown without sleeves and performed the Vanishing Bird Cage. For her finale, she performed the Houdini Needle Trick.

Aimee Desiree (b.?), aka Mystia. American conjuror in the 1890s and wife of G. W. Hunter.

Beatrice Foster (b.?), aka Beatrice Fleming Foster. She performed with Howard Thurston and became his second wife on May 10, 1910, in New York City. They divorced on April 24th, 1914, in Bridgeport, Connecticut. She performed under the title, the "Queen of Magic" for ten years.

Minerva (b.?), aka Minerva, aka "American Queen of Mystery." American escape artist of the 1900s who was born Margaretha Gertz Van Dorn of German decent. She performed in America, Canada, Cuba, Germany, France, Hungary and England. She married Guy Jarrett, her second marriage, circa 1913.

Mohala (b.?), aka "Mohala, the Radio Mystic." American mentalist who was born Mary Robinson and who was the wife of Walter Edwin Floyd who performed a two-person mind-reading act as "The Floyds" in the early 1900s.

Okinu (b. 1895-?), aka Iwa Kato - Japanese magician, wife and partner to Tenkai. Okinu was an expert at sleight-of-hand and was the Teacher of female magician, Taki. Okinu Retired when Tenkai died in 1972.

Okita (b.1852-1916), aka Julia Ferret - British magician, wife and partner to Charles De Vere. In 1877, she performed a highly successful act in Japanese style, and was noted for her linking rings act. She toured England and France for many years and was the mother of "Ionia, the Goddess of Mystery."

Ellinor Redan (b. 1874-?), American magician who was born in Wernersville, Pennsylvania. She was the first woman member of the Society of American Magicians, and was married to magician Harry Redan. - female magicians

Mariana de lahaye (b. ?), aka Miss Mariana - French Female Illusionist who specialized in bird magic in the late 1800s.

Victoria Berland (b. ?), aka Empress of Magic - French Female magician who gained popularity in the late nineteenth century.

Abigail Price (b. ?), aka The Psychic Marvel - American Female entertainer who performed as a psychic, seer in the late 1800s. Price began performing on stage since the age of 11. She discovered a passion for the occult sciences in her formative years, and studied with the best masters in the field. She toured with Charles Carter in the early 1900s.

Elsa Amadria (b. ?) - French female magician who was France's top rated performer at the turn of the century and billed "Marvellous, Incomprehensible!"

Christine France (b. ?), aka Christine Moncenis - French magician who thrived in the early 1960's, traveling Europe, including a performance at the popular China Variety Theatre in Stockholm, Sweden in July, 1961. She later branched out in the music industry recording a psychodelic-pop single entitled, "La Magicienne" in 1969. She sang her single while performing magic on French TV.

Roberta (b. ?), American Female Illusionist who performed in the early 1900s.

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