Female Magician JADE (b.?)


Female magician Jade's Real Name

Chen Be Seen


The Beauty of Magic



Place of Birth



5' 4"




Dusky Brown


Jade possesses the ability to perform a myriad of miracles such as morphing bowls of rice into water, creating and animating paper butterflies which appear to magically come to life and manifesting snowstorms on stage before live audiences.

Interesting fact

Jade has been honored with the coveted "Gold Medal of Magic," a prize awarded only a handful of times since the conception of the competition. Jade remains the sole woman to receive this honor.


Jade is a unique gem to behold, incorporating beauty and wide-ranging expressiveness...and I'm not talking about the stone either.

Female magician Jade is one of the most talented and respected magicians in the world of magic.

Her style of magic blends beauty, grace and exotic allure which stems from her Chinese culture on the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

Jade was born Chen Be Seen, November 30 in Indonesia.

As a child, Jade and her family moved to Taiwan to distance themselves from the civil unrest in her homeland. In 1971, Jade and her family moved overseas to San Francisco.

The hand of destiny gently nudged young Jade into "The World of the Unexplained Magic Shop" in San Francisco. There, Jade was exposed and bitten by the magic bug.

Jade started out demonstrating simple tricks for patrons, and eventually moved up to being the assistant store manager.

Jade, 26, graduated from San Francisco University with a degree in Communications. She quit the magic shop and planned on setting her sights on a career.

However, dubious in working a 9 to 5 job pushing pencils, Jade opted for what gave her the most pleasure - magic. She decided to go full-throttle in becoming a full- time professional magician.

At first her parents were hoping she would get a "real" job, until Jade changed their minds by purchasing her first house in San Francisco. Only then did her parents accept the magic profession as a legitimate career. Her parents became fervent supporters of Jade and helped her with her magic projects.

Jade worked hard at creating her stage act. As a matter of fact, her act garnered her many accolades.

In 1990, she took the male-dominated world of magic by storm when she took first place in the International Brotherhood of Magicians' World Magic Competition.

With the winnings came television appearances and invitations to perform overseas.

Jade's magic has taken her to the four corners of the globe.

Female magician Jade currently resides in San Francisco, and enjoys spending time with her husband and two children. Although her new lifestyle gives her limited time to practice, she is regularly performing and designing new illusions.

For more information, visit Jade's website.

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