Celeste Evans (b. 1931)


Real Name

Celeste Evans


Queen of Magic


Magician, Entertainer

Place of Birth

White Rock, BC, Canada USA


5' 7" (Wore 3" - 4" heels while she performed)






Celeste Possessed the masterful ability of dove manipulation. She would perform in an elegant evening gown proving she couldn't possibly have anything hidden up her sleeves or on her body; but yet-she would fill the stage so many fluttering doves, and from where? ...no one knows.

Other notable tricks would include a lavish display of color in the "ultra violet" or black light and the production of a live poodle dog from nowhere.

Interesting fact

Celeste appeared on the popular TV show "To Tell the Truth" where she escaped from a straightjacket in nine seconds and won the thousand dollar award!


Celeste Evans was born December 31, 1931 in White Rock, BC, Canada. She was captivated by the art of magic at an early age.

While her friends were playing with dolls, Celeste would spend every waking hour practicing magic in her attic.

At the age of nine performed her first sleight-of-hand effect, throwing knots into silk. 

Within a year she was performing in public, and after graduating from high school, she was earning her living on the carnival circuit, touring the country, doing ten shows a day in a tent - an experience she still believes is necessary to become a proficient entertainer.

Her mentors, Jon Kirby and Allan Lambie, had her practicing seven hours a day while still attending school.  She kept this a secret from all by doing her practice in her bedroom in the farmhouse loft. 

In 1952, Celeste left Canada to entertain Commonwealth troops in Korea and Japan under the auspices of the Canadian Legion. 

She confesses to particularly enjoying entertaining American troops, because she could get her fill of ice cream, a scarce item at the Commonwealth encampments. 

While touring with country and western groups, she was called to appear on the nationwide show "Pick the Stars", her first nationwide television appearance.  This led to national tours and eventually to the Big Apple - New York.  

In New York she became a regular on "the Paul Winchell Show", "Arthur Godfrey", "The Ed Sullivan Show" and "To Tell the Truth", as well as on the Barbara Walter's show, "Not For Women Only".

It was on "To Tell the Truth" that Celeste escaped from a straightjacket in nine seconds and won the thousand dollar award! 

This marked the beginning of an innumerable string of television appearances - both nationally and world wide, and it was during this period that Celeste fulfilled the dream of all entertainers - she played "The Palace" in New York.

After touring widely in the United States, in 1957 Celeste was called on by the United Nations to tour central Africa, Egypt and North Africa.

Upon her return from Africa, Celeste toured the continent, England, France, Spain, Denmark and Sweden.

After another tour of U.S. Air Force Bases in North Africa, Celeste was asked to represent The John F. Kennedy Cultural Exchange in a tour covering the Near East and Indonesia.

This tour covered twenty six countries and performed before the crown prince or head of sate of seven different countries.

Celeste than settled in Chicago where she toured regularly throughout the country, particularly on the Playboy Club circuit, Las Vegas and myriad other clubs in the United States.

Celeste wed Harry Breyn of Breyn Management, a theatrical agency based in Illinois. Celeste and Harry had two children, Evan and Evanna.

When Harry passed away in 1984, Celeste took over Breyn Management and successfully operated the business until she retired in early 2003. Celeste remarried in 1992.

Celeste and Mitch were together and enjoyed retirement until Mitch's passing in January of 2006.

Celeste lives in St. Petersburg, Florida and splits her time between writing her book on her experiences as a Magician, tending her garden and visiting her two wonderful grandchildren.

For more information, visit Celeste Evans' website.

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