Eugene Burger (b. 1939)


Real Name

Eugene Burger





Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois, USA


Approx. 5'4"






Burger possesses the ability of superior skills in close-up magic, mentalism and bizarre magic.

Interesting Fact

Burger has degrees in Philosophy and Divinity from Yale University.


Eugene Burger was born June, 1st, 1939 in Chicago Illinois. He became interested in magic at the age of eight when he saw magician Jack Gwynne at the Original Theater in Chicago.

Right after that performance, Eugene knew that he wanted to be a professional magician.

In college, he taught philosophy and comparative religion, later becoming a director of of welfare in Evanston in north Chicago.

Eugene's friends at the time were constantly encouraging him to become a magician, but Eugene was dubious if he really could make a living as a full-time magician.

One day, Eugene put together a séance show for his friends in the attic. After the show, he was bitten by the magic bug and began to really study the art of magic.

He started frequenting the magic shop, followed by the reading of magazines, and books on the subject. Eugene quit his day job and soon after landed his first gig at a local restaurant.

In 1978, he began performing professionally, taking his show on the road performing for the Playboy Clubs Resort Hotel and other various venues.

Burger then began to specialize in the art of close-up magic and was immediately successful, working in two exclusive restaurants in the Chicago area as well as several private engagements.

He has also made many appearances at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood; his lecture for the castle membership has twice earned him the 'Lecturer of the Year' award from the Academy of Magical Arts.

Eugene frequently teaches with Jeff McBride in the McBride Magic & Mystery School in Las Vegas, Nevada.

His highly regarded and clearly successful approach to close-up magic is presented in his books on the subject:

"Secrets And Mysteries For The Close-Up Entertainer," "Audience Involvement," "Matt Schulien's Fabulous Card Discoveries," "The Secret Of Restaurant Magic," "Intimate Power," "The Craft Of Magic And Other Writings" and "The Performance Of Close-Up Magic."He has also authored "Spirit Theater," a book on séance presentations.

His wizardry is also featured on several DVD's and videos for magicians. He has also produced an audio program, called "Growing in the Art of magic."

Information credit: Wikipedia,, Encyclopedia of magic and Magicians.

Photo credit: Richard Faverty

For more information, visit Eugene Burger's Official Website.

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