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Welcome to the exciting and heart-pounding world of escape artists. Listed below are the top death-defying escapologists who have astonished the masses and popularized the art form, from past to present.

Escapology is the art of escaping from a myriad of physical restraints - from an assortment of shackles, handcuffs and leg irons, to straightjackets, ropes and prison cells.

The practice of escaping from restraints and confined spaces has been a skill exhibited by performers for centuries.

Escapism was originally displayed as a secret means to create illusions involving appearances, disappearance, or transformations.

In the 1860s, the Davenport Brothers, who were specialists at releasing themselves from rope ties, used the art to give the audience the impression that they were restrained while they evoked spirit phenomena.

In the early 1900s, Harry Houdini took the art form to new levels making escapology a recognized and popular means of entertainment. Houdini, who's identity ultimately became synonymous with escapology, built his career on demonstrating the ability to escape from a multitude of restraints and perilous situations.

The actual term "escapology" is said to have been coined originally by Australian escapologist and magician Murray (Norman Murray Walters), a Houdini contemporary.

Since Houdini's time, many performers have added new ideas and variations on classic stunts and are always attempting to push the envelope with more unique and difficult restraints.

Today, it is common for even the best escapologists to be dubbed modern day "Houdinis", and female escapologists, such as Dorothy Dietrich, have pioneered and helped pave the way for future "Female Houdinis" since the 1980s.

Escape Artists



Morgan the Escapist

Dean Gunnarson

James Randi

Dorothy Dietrich

Alan Alan

Kristen Johnson

Michael Lee

Michael Griffin

Alexanderia the Great

Roslyn Walker

Curtis Lovel ll

• David Straitjacket

• The Great Cindini

• Major Zamora

• Thomas Solomon

• Steve Baker

• Mario Manzini

• Dayle Krall

• Robert "Cunning" Cunningham

• Mark Cannon

• Timothy Dill Russell

• Chris Chalen

• David Deval

• Miss Undina

• Murray (Norman Murray Walters)

• Brindamour

• Anthony Martin

• Jonathan Goodwin

Steve Santini

• Bill Shirk

Minerva (b.?), aka Minerva, aka "American Queen of Mystery." American escape artist of the 1900s who was born Margaretha Gertz Van Dorn of German decent. She performed in America, Canada, Cuba, Germany, France, Hungary and England. She married Guy Jarrett, her second marriage, circa 1913.

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