Ernest Ostrowsky (b. 1935)

Ernest Ostrowsky, born in Paris,was a gifted pupil in his mother’s contemporary dance school.

In 1956, he married the most talented girl in the school, Michelle Pacaud.
As teenagers they worked together as dancers and choreographers and dedicated their life to contemporary ballet and to each other.

Occasionally they performed puppets shows with friends. Step by step, from puppets to puppets with tricks, and from puppets with tricks to magic tricks, the husband and wife team went to know the magical Black Art technique. 

In 1958, this sort of magic was very rarely used and was nearly unknown in the show business.
Their son Louis-Olivier was born in 1965. The economics of contemporary ballet being what it was, they decided to work entirely in black art.

The Ostrowsky's developed their international black art acts under the names of “LES BALADINS” and “THE LIGHT FINGERS”, using a delightful mix of magic and humor.

They acheived great success in Paris, Beirut, Glasgow, Oslo, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and all over the world.

They were booked for many international television shows, worked Cruise ships (inclusively the famous liner “France”), performed at Magic Conventions such as National Magic Congresses or the World FISM Convention in 1972.

They began to present the “OMAR PASHA” act in 1976, bringing forward a much more classical style of magical Black Art.
Directly borne from the original tradition of black art, ”OMAR PASHA” is nowadays considered the primary reference in magical black art.

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