Ekaterina (b.1989)


Real Name

Ekaterina Dobrokhotova




Magician, Fashion Model, Marketer

Place of Birth

Moscow, Russia








Dobrokhotova possesses the uncanny ability of extreme manipulation and sleight-of-hand skills. She specializes in "controlling" playing cards, often referred to as "card manipulation," and "flourishing."

Interesting Fact

Dobrokhotova is a chocolate-holic. Her chocolate of choice is Ferrero Rocher.


Ekaterina was born March 26, 1989, in Moscow, Russia.

As a child, she developed an early interest in the Circus and Entertainment Industry.

When Dobrokhotova was eight years old, she immigrated to Quebec, Canada with her family.

She later attended Concordia University in Montreal where she studied Marketing and Advertising; she also learned French and English.

Beginning at the age ten, she began juggling balls and clubs, and later discovered her true passion when she received a magic kit at 11.

She discovered access to magic online and purchased magic DVD's.

Dobrokhotova practiced every day for hours on end, and at 16, she began taking magic seriously on a performing level.

Specializing in the art of cardistry - manipulation and flourishes with playing cards, Ekaterina gained respect from other magicians for her skill, her finesse and for making it look so easy.

Dobrokhotova soon met with veteran magicians from around the world who graciously helped her develop her career in show business.

As a result she increased her venues, and expanded her variety of skills on a performance level.

Dobrokhotova, also known as "BabycatXD", became a member of Handlordz - an elite group of extreme card manipulators and flourishers.

In 2009, She entered the XCM World Tournament held by Handlordz; Dobrokhotova went in as one of the most formidable participants of the competition.

However, as fates would have it, she was banned from Handlordz for creating a demo video with an apparently unauthorized "Arcane" deck of playing cards.

The incident was more of a blessing in disguise and allowed her to expand her horizons and embrace her individual creativity as an artist of magic.

Today, Ekaterina is considered a rare and exotic female magician by her peers who loves her audience and makes sure that each person is left delighted and breathless.

Dobrokhotova believes the true secret of magic is not about how good you are, but about how you make people feel.

Moreover, she touches thousands of people with her magic through her website and online videos on Youtube.

In addition to being a magician, Dobrokhotova is a professional fashion model, and as CEO of her expanding firm in Marketing.

She also handles Event Management, developing an online educational series; and every now and then, International Relations.

Dobrokhotova will be a featured performer at the IMX 2011 event which brings together 20+ of the world’s greatest performers in 3 days of non-stop magic and training.

For more information, visit Ekaterina Dobrokhotova's official website

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