Ed Alonzo (b. 1968)


Ed Alonzo's Real Name

Edward Alonzo


'Misfit of Magic'


Magician, Comedian, Actor

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Alonzo possesses the ability to grab the audience's funny bones and tickle relentlessly, leaving crowds rolling on the floor with laughter. He is recognized as one of the country's foremost comedy magicians.

Interesting Fact

Alonzo was an alien creature puppeteer for the movie, 'Men in Black.'


Ed Alonzo was born of Mexican descent on July 26, 1968 and was raised in southern California.

Alonzo became fascinated with magic at a very early age. When he was seven years old, he was already performing in his own puppet and magic shows for friends and family.

He began his career in magic as a member of both the Long Beach Mystics and the world famous Magic Castle which he became one of the youngest comedy magicians ever to perform there.

Alonzo won the coveted "Stage Magician of the Year" for two consecutive years, and "Comedy Magician of the Year" for another two consecutive years from the internationally recognized Academy of Magical Arts (AMA).

In his early twenty's, he decided to break out into acting, diversifying his entertainment repertoire.

He landed a role on 'Saved by the Bell' (10 episodes between 1989–1990) as Max, the proprietor/magician of the local restaurant hangout 'The Max.'

Alonzo acquired various roles in 'Head of the Class,' 'Totally Hidden Video,' and also guest starred on 'Full House,' 'Murphy Brown' and 'Xuxa'- the CBS Saturday morning children's program.

In Fact, Alonzo has appeared on over 100 major television variety and talk shows, including 'The Ellen Degeneres Show,' 'Top Chef Masters,' 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,' 'Animal Planet,' 'E true Hollywood Story' and 'America's Next Top Model.'

Alonzo's magic has taken him around the world, including Brazil, Malaysia and Athens Greece at the Gilano Music Theater for a three month engagement.

He has appeared and disappeared on numerous major European talk and variety shows, magazine covers and city billboards.

On a November 25th, 2008 episode of 'The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson,' actor Neil Patrick Harris referenced Alonzo as his "best friend." The same year on New Years Eve, Alonzo was the opening act for comedian Jay Leno of 'The Tonight Show' fame for two sold out shows.

From March to November, 2009, he toured around the world working with pop star diva Britney Spears who played the role of magicians assistant. There, he created illusions and performed for Spears' 'The Circus' tour.

Alonzo was also hired by and met with pop legend Michael Jackson to create illusions for his O2 London concert in 2009 'This Is It.' Alonzo continues to develop effects for pop artists like Usher for his 'OMG' music video.

Since 2010, Alonzo has been performing annually at Knotts Halloween Haunt called 'Ed Alonzo's Psycho Circus of Magic and Mayhem.'

On April, 2010, Alonzo was the recipient of the 'Magician Of The Year' award which was presented to him by the Academy of magical Arts awards ceremony in Hollywood. The same year, his first 'Grand Illusions Set' was launched to the public at Costco stores around the world.

Information sources, courtesy of EdAlonzo.com, Wikipedia.

For more information, visit Ed Alonzo's official website.

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