Ava Do (b.1979)


Real Name

Do Le Anhdao


Jane Do, Ava


Con-artist, Magician, Mentalist, Writer

Place of Birth

Saigon, Vietnam


5' 1"






Ava possesses the ability of skillful misdirection. She is a professional con artist/Mentalist. Misdirected by her charm and beauty, audiences often underestimate the abilities of this petite charlatan.


Misdirected by her charm and beauty, audiences often underestimate the abilities of this petite charlatan. She is Ava Do, master con-artist and mentalist extraordinaire.

Born in Vietnam November 16, 1979, and raised in Southern California, Ava was surrounded by grifters of a third-world country and an immigrant community at a young age.

She started her life on stage as a performance artist when she was 16. Ava is a delightful and stunning performer, using her multi-cultural background to her advantage.

After receiving a degree in Psychology from UCLA, Ava immersed herself in learning mentalism, a branch of magic she found to be closely related to her expertise in mind study. As a result, she now combines her education in psychology, knowledge of mentalism, and understanding of con-artistry to turn deception into entertainment. 

Not your girl-next-door swindler, Ava "honestly" informs the audience of her hustling habits while bewildering them with her witty repartee. psychological swindles and sleight-of-hand demonstrations.

While initially guests are drawn to the novelty of seeing a female magician, they soon realize she has the expertise of a gypsy.

As she mingles through the crowd, she begins telling them personal information about themselves... birthdays, maiden names and credit card numbers.

She steals their heart and their identity. this style of entertainment is versatile and highly interactive, allowing for performances in a large range of environments.

Ava has been performing nationwide as a variety act, where she charms the audience with demonstrations of interactive con-games, mischievous thievery, and intriguing mentalism. 

Her audience are sent home with a classic con: a souvenir of 3-card Monte where they are taught to find the lady – the Queen of Diamonds that will remind them of this unique entertainer for years to come.

Ave currently lives in Las Vegas with her partner-in-crime, entertainer Apollo Robbins.

For more information, visit Ava Do's official website.

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