Romany - Diva of Magic (b.1971)


Real Name

Romany (Last name unrevealed)


The Diva of Magic


Magician, MC, Entertainer

Place of Birth



5' 7"






Romany possesses the ability of high skill close-up magic. Trained under the tutelage of Jeff McBride, Romany has acquired masterful knowledge in conjuring and showmanship.

Influenced by the 50's Hollywood, and Burlesque style, Romany performs her shows in elegant gowns, diamonds, silk and lots of feathers.

Interesting Fact

Romany is fluent in four languages: German, French, Italian, English


Romany - Diva of Magic was born November 9, 1972 in England.

As a child, Romany discovered magic in the things of Disney, fantasy and fairy tales. As a teenager, she set her sights in the theatrical arts.

She trained in dance, circus skills and theatre before graduating from the University of Manchester with a BA (Hons) in English/Italian Language, and Literature.

At 21, Romany took to the streets of Europe, performing various acts from a stilt-walker, to a clown and juggler.

She then formed the Cobble Comedy Company to tour international street festivals and German cabaret theatres with a comedy knife throwing and juggling variety act.

Romany then discovered the fascinating art of conjuring. She grew an affinity for the art, and soon after attended McBride's Magic & Mystery School, and Masterclass in Las Vegas.

There, she trained with the experts in the field of magic: Max Maven, Eugene Burger and Jeff McBride, who coached and mentored Romany for ten years.

Aside from magic, she took on the role of MC, and Toastmaster for a myriad of events; she was "Mistress of Ceremonies" and "Close-Up Magicienne" for the best parties, weddings and celebratory events in town.

Romany acted as master of ceremonies for more than 100 shows in the Palace of Mystery Theatre at the famous Hollywood's Magic Castle.

In 2004, she hosted her own show in LAS VEGAS featuring stars of magic: Jeff McBride and Eugene Burger.

Two years later, after a decade of perfecting her stage act, Romany decided to enter the competition at the Magic Circle in England. She won first place - taking home the title of "Stage Magician of the Year."

That same year, Romany was chosen to entertain the Queen and her family and friends at the Ritz on the occasion of her 80th birthday party.

Other celebrities who enjoyed watching Romany's comedy magic include Johnny Depp, Richard Branson, Jeffery Archer and Judi Dench.

Romany has become a hot commodity in the cabaret, and high society gala dinner circuit showcasing her unique style of comedy close-up magic.

In August 2007, Romany graced the cover of "The Linking Magazine," and In 2010, she won the IBM British Shield for "Most Entertaining Stage Act."

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