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Arthur possesses the ability to produce just about anything from thin air, and specializes in illusion involving large exotic cats.

He has materialized a 26-foot long Robinson helicopter from nothingness in front of live audiences, levitates a car that dissolves in mid-air, and magically reveals an Amtrak train from nowhere.

He also has the ability to materialize, dematerialize, and teleport Bengal tigers, African-Leopards and snow tigers among many other ferocious felines.


Forget every magic show you have ever seen in the past. The magic of Dirk Arthur is revolutionary. He's been named a rival to David Copperfield by New York Daily News, he's been called "Bloody marvellous" by Showtime Magazine of Las Vegas.

Visionary Dirk Arthur has devoted his life to perfecting his craft. Years of research, collaboration and invention along with thousands of live performances have won him accolades of fans and industry peers as well. This experience and devotion has paid off big time, offering the world of illusion a brand new master showman and artist.

Arthur is known around Vegas as one of the best magicians in town. He has performed extensively in Atlantic city and Las Vegas, and has appeared on television in NBC's "World Greatest Magic," "Late Show with David Letterman" and on his own special "Big Cat Magic," seen on the Animal Planet network.

When arthur was a kid he got a magic set, which instantly became an obsession. He started out performing with pigeons and doves which later expanded to larger birds like Ostridges and Emu's.

Around the time Siegfried and Roy gained popularity with lions and tigers, Dkir, with his birds, was no match for ferocious felines.

So he upgraded his bird collection to Bengal Tigers and black panthers. Arthur got his first Lion at 21, and worked his way up the exotic cat pole to include African black leopards, blue-eyed white Bengal tigers, and snow tigers.

In 1997, Dirk's talent led him to perform at the "Jubilee!" at Bally's in Las Vegas. There he performed as Dirk Arthur & Co. for five years as a specialty act before stepping up to self-financed headliner status in 2002 at the Silverton with "The New Art of Magic."

In 2003 Dirk took his show to downtown Las Vegas at the Plaza showroom. Then in 2004, he joined the 'Splash' show at the Riviera, which eventually paved the way to the Tropicana in March of 2005.

Dirk Arthur's latest show, "Xtreme Magic," at the Tropicana Resort & Casino, displays what he does best, large-scale illusions. A real 26-foot long Robinson helicopter flies in from thin air, and if that weren't enough, he reveals an Amtrak train mysteriously from nowhere.

Also, the audience can easily see Arthur's love for his animals. He uses three different cats in the show: TJ, a white Bengal Tiger; Diamond, a black leopard; and Oscar, a spotted leopard.

All the animals in the breeding program, and in the illusions used in his show, were born in captivity, meaning that the limited numbers of animals remaining in the wild were not affected. He hopes that one day, where and whenever possible, he can assist in re-populating these very rare creatures in their natural environments.

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