Derren Brown (b.1971)


Derren Brown's Real Name

Derren Victor Brown


Darren V. Brown, Darren Brown


Mentalist, Magician, Painter, Writer, Skeptic

Place of Birth

Purley, South London, England


5' 9 1/2"






Derren possesses the uncanny ability to apparently read peoples thoughts at will.

Though his feats of mentalism may appear to be the result of psychic or paranormal practices, Brown achieves his results using a combination of magic, suggestion, psychology, misdirection and showmanship.

Interesting Fact

Derren owned a parrot called Figaro for ten years, that went to live at The National Parrot Sanctuary in Friskney, Lincolnshire, UK, before passing away.


Derren Brown was born on February 27, 1971 in Purly, South London, England.

He attended Whitgift School - where his father coached swimming, and attended the University of Bristol, where he studied Law and German.

While there, he witnessed a show performed by hypnotist Martin Taylor, which inspired Brown to pursue magic and hypnosis as a career.

In the early 90's, he was working as a close-up magician in bars and restaurants.

Then in 1992, Brown started performing stage hypnosis shows at the University of Bristol under the alias Darren V. Brown.

In 1999 he was asked by Channel 4 to put a mind-reading program together.

Brown began his television work with three sixty-minute specials produced over two years.

Since the first broadcast of his Channel 4 television show "Derren Brown: Mind Control" in 2000, he has become increasingly well known for his "mind-reading" act.

In 2003 he started touring the UK performing his first live stage show and produced another Channel 4 series entitled "Trick of the Mind," which aired on April 23, 2004.

On October 5, 2003, Brown performed his most controversial stunt to date, playing Russian roulette live on Channel 4 (though with a slight delay in case the stunt was not successful).

Because of the British gun laws banning the possession of handguns, the stunt supposedly had to be performed outside of Britain, at an undisclosed secret location.

The stunt was condemned by senior British police officers, apparently fearful of copycat acts.

Several commentators also suggested that the show was a mere hoax.

He also presented a special show for Channel 4 on 31 May 2004 called "Séance" in which he brought 12 members of the public together to re-create a séance.

Brown has since produced a stream of other Channel 4 specials including "Trick of the Mind," "Trick or Treat," "The Events" and "Derren Brown Investigates."

He has written four books on magic: "Absolute Magic," "Pure Effect," "Tricks of the Mind" and "Confessions of a Conjuror;" as well as a video - "The Devil's Picturebook."

In 2011, Derren will launch his live tour entitled "Svengali."

For more information, visit Derren Brown's official website.

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