Deddy Corbuzier (b. 1976)


Deddy Corbuzier's Real Name



Deodatus Andreas Deddy Cahyadi Sunjoyo


Magician, Mentalist

Place of Birth

Jakarta, Indonesia




Dark Brown




Deddy possesses the ability to demonstrate highly developed mental or intuitive abilities. He is a specialist in the branch of mentalism, and all other facets of magic.

Interesting Fact

Deddy suffers from dyslexia.


Deddy Corbuzier was born December 28, 1976 in Jakarta, Indonesia. He became enamored with magic when he was 8 years old, when he saw a magician who made bird appears and changed a wand into a flower.

He began studying the art of magic by learning from some of Indonesian's famoust magicians.

By the age of 12, he began performing professionally working at "Dunia Fantasy Ancol."

Deddy started to learn the art of mentalism when he traveled to Israel. At that time he realized that there were many branches of magic. He fancied mentalism the most and studied mental magic earnestly. As a result Deddy decided to make magic his career.

At the age of 18, he signed a 7 year contract with one of Indonesia's International Hotel and there he developed his dark, ominous character. Soon after, he signed a contract with one of Indonesian's TV station (RCTI) for 4 years.

He performed on a TV special called "IMPRESARIO" which was broadcasted all over Indonesia reaching an estimated audience of over 100 million people.

Deddy grabbed top rating's with TV programs such as "Mind Games," "1604," "Mentalist in Action," "Mind & Magic with Todd Diamond," "Magic with Jeff McBride," "Deddy Corbuzier and Pierre Ginnet (Master of Pickpocket)," "Deddy Corbuzier and Jay Scott Barry."

As a mentalist, Deddy has driven a car and located people's lost belongings while blindfolded. He has predicted the headlines of famous newspapers, he climbed a wall by walking vertical, and he even cooperated with the police department to solve some of the hardest investigation cases.

Deddy has published 2 books, entitled "DIVKA" and "MANTRA."

Both have been on the best seller's list for several years and sold in numerous bookstore in Indonesia.

He also invented mentalism effects, including "Free Will" and "Nocturnal Book Test," both of which are the result of his vast knowledge in psychology and the field of magic.

Deddy has also worked with Doug Higley to create one of his easy-to-do mentalism games called "Tool Free."

His latest book, entitled "Book of Magic,"(a magic book for beginners) sold more than 50,000 copies in the first year.

Deddy has received many awards over the years, including The prestigious Merlin Award as Mentalist of The Year in 2010 and again in 2011.

He has set record stunts, such as the longest driving a car blindfolded, and the longest magic show.

Corbuzier founded the Corbuzier School of Magic and Corbuzier Magic Shop. He has also conducted many lectures for magicians and non-magicians around the world.

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