David Shimshi (b.1980)

David Shimshi is, according to the 'Los Angeles Times,' Undoubtedly, anything but ordinary.


Real Name

David Shimshi





Place of Birth

Tel Aviv, Israel


Approx: 6' 2"






Shimshi possesses the ability of superior sleight of hand skills and dynamic performing prowess. He develops every aspect of his performance. From the magic, to dance choreography.

Interesting Fact

In 2008, the Las Vegas magician, Shimshi got recognized as the best out of 100 magicians for ABC’s America‘s Got Talent Show.


Shimshi was born in 1979 in Tel Aviv, Israel. He was enamored by the art of magic as a child and performed his first show at the age of 13.

After performing for 7 years in Israel, Shimshi moved to the United States in 2000 to pursue his dream of performing as a Las Vegas magician.

His first venue was Los Angeles. He began appearing on the Magic Castle, Hollywood, California.

On April 24th, 2002, he competed in the Magic Olympics competition at the World Famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California. Facing other world-class magicians, Shimshi took first place and won the Grand Championship gold medal award.

However, on February 1st 2004, Shimshi got his big break when he got a call form the Mirage resort and Casino in Las Vegas to be their resident magician; he spent two years performing at this resort.

Shimshi's career as a Las Vegas Magician was taking off landing him more venues, including The 'World’s Greatest Magic Show' at the Sahara Casino and the 'V' show at Aladdin Resort and Casino, and the Mirage Resort and Casino.

His Vegas performances led to Shimshi performing around the world; he has performed his act at venues like the princess Grace Theatre in Monaco and the Winter Garden Theater in Berlin.

Shimshi's magicial efforts garnered him numerous accolades as well, including the Milbourne Christopher award for “Best Newcomer” and the Mandrake D’Or Award in Paris, France.

Radio 97.1 FM did a one hour special on Shimshi. In the program, he performed an experiment in mentalism, in which he successfully made spoons bend in the hands of the listener audience.

Shimshi moved on to television as well, performing on 'Mondo Magic' program aired by A&E Television network, and The Ellen Degeneres Show.

In 2008, with the current economic downturn, Shimshi's bookings began to slowly diminish with the struggling economy; and what's more, the Shimshis lost all the money they had invested in a Smoothie King franchise.

The resilient vegas magician weathered the economic storm and slowly began to revive his once flourishing career. He formed his own magic service company performing at trade shows booths for big companies.

Then in February of 2010, Shimshi landed a venue performing in "Amazed," a daily show at "The Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. He then went on to becoming the resident magician for Wynn | Encore Las Vegas.

During the last few years the Las Vegas magician  has toured world wide entertaining millions in Asia and Europe, as well as performed for many celebrities from Hugh Jackman to Michael Jackson.

David Shimshi currently resides in Vegas with his wife, Janelle and daughter, Shalom.

For more information, visit David Shimshi's official website.

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