David Roth (b. 1952)


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David Roth





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New York, USA.








Roth possesses the ability of superior sleight-of-hand skills, and specializing in the art of coin magic.

He is widely regarded as one of the world's greatest living coin magicians. Roth is known both for tremendous technical mastery and for playful and surrealistic formal performance pieces.

Interesting Fact  

Roth is associated with Fantasma magic, a magic manufacturing and retail company in New York City.


David Roth was born in New York, in 1952. He started his journey in magic when he was 10 years old when a friend of his father pulled a coin out of his ear; the trick had a tremendous effect on him and since then young Roth wanted to become a magician.

He dabbled in various magic sets, and went through a card handling phase, rubbing elbows and learning card magic from fellow card magicians Darwin Ortiz, and Ricky Jay. He later discovered that he was more creative performing magic with coins. 

Since going professional in the art of magic, Roth has contributed to Richard Kaufman's "Coinmagic" a widely regarded text on contemporary coin technique; his major work was chronicled in "David Roth's Expert Coin Magic," a book co-written with Richard Kaufman; Roth has lectured for magic enthusiasts around the world and has produced numerous instructional videos. 

The sleight of hand artist #content_1093983, wrote about Roth:

"First let me state that David Roth has an amazing ability when performing with coins. He is truly a genius. 

I have been fortunate to have enjoyed the confidence and friendship of the leading exponents of coin manipulation of the past. T. Nelson Downs, Allan Shaw, Manuel and Welch Miller all specialized in this branch of the magical art. 

To the very best of my judgment, David’s ideas and execution far surpass any one of them. I feel quite certain that if they could witness his performance they would not only be astounded but realize that they had seen the master."

Roth has garnered numerous awards from the Academy of Magical Arts, including: 1974 "Visiting Magician of the Year," 1977 "Close Up Magician of the Year;" 1998 "Creative Fellowship Award," 1999 The "Medal of the Inner Magic Circle with the Gold Star" and 1999 "Lecturer of the Year."

Roth's trick "The Hanging Coins" (which was first revealed in Apocalypse magazine, Volume 1, No. 6, page 68, 1978) took an ancient, 

and long ignored, sleight of hand technique and made it far more deceptive and useful. 

This technique, which Roth dubbed "Edge Grip," has subsequently been explored in depth by other experts in the field. It is a significant tool of contemporary coin magic.

Roth's virtuoso execution of a "persistence of vision vanish" led to tremendous interest in his handling of the move (which he refers to "The Retention Vanish"), and – perhaps – to increased use of this move among magicians.

Roth's handling and application of a technique that has – largely thanks to him – become known as "The Shuttle Pass" is highly influential.

His "The Original Chinese Coin Assembly" was highly influential as the first published coin assembly that used the bare hands. This was a highly influential development that has been widely used and explored by other sleight of hand experts.

Among his literary works, are "Expert Coin Magic" (Instructional book on coin magic published by Richard Kauffman), "Expert Coin Magic Made Easy vol 1 - 3" (Instructional DVD set), "ULTIMATE COIN MAGIC COLLECTION vol 1 - 4" (Instructional DVD set).

In 2003, he co-wrote and co-starred along with Darwin Ortiz in "All of the People, All of the Time." It also co-starred actress Ruth Williamson and was co-written by Patrick Cook. It opened in Charlotte, North Carolina and later played in Waterford, Connecticut.

He has consulted for Ricky Jay's production of On The Stem as well as Ricky Jay and His 52 Assistants in which he was credited in the program as Ricky's "53rd Assistant."

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