Danny Hustle (b.1963)


Real Name

Daniel Denney


Danny Hustle, Professor Dan the Magic Man


Comedy Magician, Street Busker, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Massachusetts, USA


6' 3 1/2"






Danny Hustle possesses the ability of superior showman skills in the art of entertaining, and specializes in comedy magic and street busking.

Interesting Fact

Danny is an entertainment enthusiast and archiver. He also has the mind of an encyclopedia brimmed with knowledge of entertainment history .


Danny Hustle was born Daniel Denney in 1963. His generational roots are brimmed with vaudevillian and general entertainers. His father was a singer/comic in the waning days of Vaudeville and the advent of cabaret.

Danny was exposed to magic at the tender age of 3, when his uncle Tootsie, a comic magician, showed him a "thumb tip" trick; young Danny was hooked on magic.

In his childhood, Tootsie had been a great influence on Danny and helped pave the way to the art of magic.

Living in Massachusetts, Danny began performing professionally in his twenties. His popularity grew and his shows were in constant demand. He entertained for family and corporate shows, and has become a favorite performer among Fortune 500 companies.

In 2000, while living in Cambridge, Danny discovered the wondrous world of street theater in Harvard Square.

He took on a job as a computer network engineer in Harvard Square while performing his unique brand of street magic part time.

Danny has since rubbed elbows and pitched the streets with some of the busking greats, such as Sonny Holliday and Gazzo.

He devoted much of his time and energy practicing and studying the ancient art of busking has done more to promote the art for magician's than anyone else in the US. He also created a web forum entitled "The Buskers Cafe American" dedicated to helping buskers. In the 2004, he co-authored the "Art of Krowd Keeping," with Jim Wells, which featured the work of Gazzo.

The following year, Danny was featured in “ Cellini Presents the Art of Street Performing, Boston, Volume III."

Danny has become one of Boston's most popular performers and is one of the busiest comedy magicians in New England.

Currently, Danny resides in Melrose, and performs regularly at Boston's original and longest running magic show - "The Mystery Lounge."

For more information, visit Danny Hustle's official website.

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