Daniel Madison (b.?)


Real Name

Daniel Madison




Magician, Flourisher, Teacher, Lecturer

Place of Birth

United Kingdom








Madison possesses the uncanny ability of supreme sleight-of-hand skills. He is a deceptions expert who specializes in card cheating and deception with playing cards.

His magic knowledge and prowess ranges from close-up manipulation to extreme feats of memory. He trained his mind to be practically photographic and can instantly memorize a fully shuffled deck of cards at will.

Interesting Fact

Fascinated with the limits of the human brain and to test the theory of mind over matter, Madison attempted a fast from food endurance challenge called "The Hunger," on October 3, 2008.


English-born deceptions specialist Daniel Madison was influenced by conjuring at an early age, when he met a card cheat who introduced him to some sleights and con-techniques.

Since then, Madison spent years developing a wide range of deceptions, from sleight-of-hand to memory training.

In 1998, when he took my skills to the casinos, he was quickly found and banned for life for using an advanced memory technique of card counting to cheat at black-jack.

This led Madison to back-room poker games where he was able to make a short living as a card-cheat for six months.

However, in April of 2000, the repercussions of an exposed cheating technique landed Madison in the hospital from which he was wheelchair-bound for 6 months.

Madison's poker cheating days were over; incidentally, through his recovery, the art of magic found him.

He decided to change his ways and make an honest living by using his skills and experience as a unique form of entertainment; in 2001 he performed his first magic gig.

He then debuted his lecture notes to the prestigious Magic Circle, however, it was met with rejected criticism.

Madison took matters into his own hands and held a private lecture at a major 2005 convention for an invite-only-audience.

His lecture was an instant success launching him into the underground spectrum of the industry as a definitive artist.

Since then, Madison has written several books and performed on various DVDs; in 2007 Madison became the 12th artist at Theory11.com.

Madison provides security training for casino and gameroom staff and resides as the president of Magic Is Dead, an underground magic circle based in the UK.

In 2009, he launched a series of journals entitled "Deceptions," which is dedicated to the art and psychology of sleight-of hand and deception with playing cards.

That same year Madison announced a formal, though temporary hiatus from magic.

On February 22, 2011, he became a dad for the first time to Elijah Luther Madison.

Daniel Madison is currently spending time with his wife and son, while secretly working on new magic projects.

For more information, visit Daniel Madison's website.

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