Dan Sperry (b. 1985)


Real Name

Dan Sperry




Magician, Shock Illusionist, Anti-Conjuror

Place of Birth



Approx. 5' 10"






Dan Sperry possesses the ability to shock, unnerve and bewilder his live audiences with his unique brand of magic.

His signature style of magic is called "Shock Illusion" where he performs cutting edge magic incorporating razor blades, needles; broken glass, voodoo and industrial shredders.

Interesting Fact

The origins of Sperry's face paint came out of a time of boredom. On his first Canadian tour, Dan would go through spells of blasé, so one day he decided to get artsy with his face; the transformation was appealing and became his trademark ever since.


Dan Sperry was introduced to magic at the age of 4 years old, when his grandparents took him to see illusionist David Copperfield in Minneapolis; and from that moment on - he was hooked.

Fascinated by the art, Sperry immersed his mind in a multitude of magic books, and studied the craft intently.

Sperry was inspired by magicians like Marshall Brodien, Neil Foster, Jay Marshall, Cardini and of course David Copperfield.

When he was a little older, he began frequenting local magic shops, and performing for friends and family.

At the age of 10, Sperry performed his very first show for an outdoor picnic, and by 12, he was attending major magic conventions and performing in magic competitions.

Over the years, Sperry met regularly with a group of magicians above the Eagle Magic Store in Minneapolis.

When he was in high school, Sperry performed any chance he got - birthdays, church events, corporate parties. He was quickly making a name for himself in the greater magic community.

By the time he was 17, Sperry gained international notoriety by garnering the "Lance Burton Award" at the World Magic Seminar in Las Vegas.

After he graduated LHS, he started college at the Art Institute International Chicago-Schaumburg in Illinois where he studied web design - however, magic was still foremost on his mind.

He studied magic under the direction of Dale Salwak of the prestigious Chavez College and Studio of Magic in California, and he continued to hone his skills in sleight-of-hand, and dove manipulation.

At 19, Sperry went on to become one of the youngest magicians to tour Canada with the largest touring magic show.

he was also asked to perform at the famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, and would be the youngest non-club member invited to perform.

Only a small number of magicians share this honor, including Lance Burton, David Copperfield and the late Doug Henning.

Sperry was the youngest magician to be featured in "The World's Greatest Magic Show" in Las Vegas.

Dan Sperry has garnered many awards along the way;

he is the three time winner of the "Award of Merit" in stage magic from the International Brotherhood of Magicians, "Gold Medal Stage Magic Champion," and "Most Original Magic" award from the World Magic Awards, in Hollywood, california.

Sperry has also produced a line of magic effects including, "The Crimson Deck," "Deja Vu," " Dove from Sketch Pad" and "Technical Dove Tosses."

Dan Sperry is currently touring across the nation with his "Magic No Longer Sucks" show.

For more information, visit Dan Sperry's official website.

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