Dan Harlan (b.?)


Dan Harlan's Real Name

Daniel Harlan




Magician, Inventor, Magic Consultant

Place of Birth

Fremont, Ohio, USA


5' 9"






Harlan possesses the ability and vast knowledge in the art of creating, developing and producing magic effects in the magical arts. He is a specialist in the branch of close-up magic, and is also highly adept in sleight-of-hand and conjuring.

Interesting Fact

Harlan's performing career started when he was 2 years old. He rode a tricycle across the stage (wearing a cute little set of overalls and a propeller beanie hat) while some woman was singing opera in a comedy follies-type production.


Dan Harlan was born in Fremont, Ohio to parents whom dabbled in theatre and entertainment.

He was involved in community theatre with his parents as a child and made is stage debut when he was only two years old.

His mother was a magician's assistant before he was born, giving him his first taste of magic by pulling coins out his ears.

Harlan was also inspired by touring magicians performing at his grade school. He also admired his grade school principle who was an amateur magician who belonged to a local IBM magic ring.

When he was nine, a classmate of his performed a magic trick which peaked young Harlan's curiosity as to how he could learn such an effect. his classmate steered him to the local library, and Dan checked out every book on magic he could get his hands on.

By the time Harlan was 12, he was already creating unique magic effects and routines. He even built his own props out of cardboard boxes.

Harlan was heavily influenced by popular mathematics and science writer, Martin Gardner, and delved into the mathematical aspects of magic and how it expanded his thoughts in the creative process of inventing magic.

Since then, Harlan has created numerous popular magic effects, including "Card-Toon," "Hold It Buster!," Starcle;" and "The awakening" to name a few.

Constantly inventing new and exciting magic, Harlan's current lecture contains something from all of his latest releases, brand new routines, and a few of his most-requested classics.

Harlan has made a few TV appearances nationally and internationally, plus he’s worked behind-the-scenes as a consultant for many other top professionals, including Jeff McBride, Kevin James, Keith Barry, and David Copperfield.

He’s also starred in numerous instructional magic videos, including Bandshark, The Close-Up Magic of Dan Harlan, Magic With Rubberbands (3 Vols), Pack Small Play Big (9 Vols), Premium Blend (6 Vols), Ultimate Impromptu (3 Vols), Mindbogglers (4 Vols), The Minotaur DVD set.

Harlan has performed in just about every conceivable type of venue for audiences of all ages from Close-Up to Stage, Kid’s Shows to Corporate, Comedy Clubs to Concerts, and he continues to be one of the most requested magical teachers in the world.

He was hired by Neil Strauss, Best Selling Author of “The Game,” to give a private seminar on Bar Bets and Con Games for one of his events.

Harlan continues to create magic effects, produce tutorial DVD's and lecture across the nation and abroad.

Information Credit: Joe Malkiewicz, Dan Harlan.

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