Dan and Dave (b. 1987)


Real Name

Daniel M. Buck
David E. buck


Buck Twins
Dan: danielmbuck


Magicians, Cardists, Instructors,

Producers, Authors

Place of Birth

Sonora, California, USA


5' 8"






Dan and Dave possess the extraordinary ability to manipulate playing cards at will. They are expert sleight-of-hand artists who are world-renowned for their fast paced, visual, in-your-face magic in the art known as Cardistry.

Interesting Fact

In 2003, The Buck brothers were the youngest magicians to be featured on the cover of Genii Magazine.

In 2006, Dave Buck hand doubled Jeremy Piven in the really elaborate card flourishes on the crime film "Smokin' Aces."


Dan and Dave Buck are twin brothers who have had a passion for magic and playing cards since they were 11 years old.

After watching a David Copperfield show, the twins were bitten with the magic bug and wanted to make the art of conjuring their undying profession.

Growing up in small town Sonora, California, they had little else to do but spend 16-plus hours a day studying and practicing their newfound craft.

They entered the International Brotherhood of Magicians in 1998 where they continued to hone their skills with playing cards.

The brothers soon began making money out of their tricks. They sold their first lecture notes at first; then the twins began selling videos which explained some tricks.

Since then, they authored their first book on over 50 original techniques when they were 15 years old and have since released a new book on card magic every year.

When they were 16, they revolutionized the underground world of card magic by introducing entirely new concepts on their home-made video, "Pasteboard Animations."

Two years later, this video was revamped into The System, a breakthrough DVD that vitalized card flourishing as an independent art form, and started a movement that has grown to include thousands of young artists worldwide.

In 2001 the first professional performance of Dave and Dan Buck took place in Las Vegas; a year later they landed another big performance in London, the UK.

The Bucks also took part at the "Time Warp" series on Discovery Channel.

The show had them display several cards techniques which could help blackjack cheaters hustle someone in a game of poker or blackjack.

In 2008 Dan and Dave traveled to Iceland for a day to film 26 different card flourishes for the popular kids TV show "LazyTown."

Today, the brothers prefer filmmaking to card magic and even launched their own production company called db2 Productions.

The buck twins still hold to their passion of magic and continue to advance and push boundaries in the art.

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