Connie Boyd (b. July 17)


Real Name

Connie Boyd


The Beauty of Magic


Magician, Illusionist, Creative Magic Consultant

Place of Birth



5' 7"






Boyd is a miestro of magic and illusion. She expresses herself by creating and performing illusions, much like a songwriter composes and refines a song. Using a blend of music, lighting and visual effects, she takes the audience on an aesthetic journey of sights and sounds to dazzle the senses.

Interesting Fact

Boyd loves food and enjoys cooking.


Acclaimed from Los Angeles to Monte Carlo as the premier female magician in the world today, the alluring Connie Boyd is a gifted entertainer whose award winning style of legerdemain has astounded audiences world-wide.

But before she became a successful magician, Boyd discovered a passion for the theatrical arts at the tender age of five - where she began training in dance and theater.

As a child she watched and admired Doug Henning, but her dream was to be a ballerina not a magician. In the late 80's she assisted an act in "Splash" at the Riviera in Las Vegas and was able to watch magician Barclay Shaw nightly.

His presentation, humor, sophistication and superiority of his performance changed Boyd's outlook towards magic.

Barclay encourage Boyd to be a magician, and his belief in females in magic inspired her. Since then, Boyd has embraced and pursued her goal of being the best in her field.

Boyd was influenced and trained by some of the greatest minds in magic. Her skill in dove manipulation was assisted by legendary Shimada and Deanna; master illusion designer and creator Don Wayne inspired her to develop different illusion presentations, her own material and style;

Rick Marcelli, the most successful manager in magic history, provided hours of insight, support, creative ideas and friendship, and legendary dancer and choreographer Joanie Spina contributed and influenced Boyd's movement, music and staging choices.

Boyd turned professional at 26 and launched her career in Las Vegas. She had access to some of the best magicians in the world.

Her continual drive to work harder and create her own performance style were influenced by David Copperfield , Lance Burton, Siegfried and Roy and Penn and Teller.

Over time Boyd's magic act has grown into a magic show that has proven to be successful in the US as well as with international markets.

Her show entitled "The Beauty of Magic," which is literally and figuratively the personification of the beauty of magic, is an artful blend of theater, dance, romanticism, humor and mystery blended with original illusion presentations that have garnered her numerous awards and critical acclaim.

With a sophisticated style and a feminine flair for illusion her show is a refreshing departure from magical norms cleverly combining romance, elegance and humor.

Considered to be a pioneer in her field Boyd's career has spanned the globe. Her last world tour included five continents.

Confirming her continued international appeal, Boyd performed a second televised “appearance” on ”Cabaret du Monde” for Patrick Sebastion in Paris, France and on “Sognando Las Vegas” for RAI 1 in Rome, Italy.

In addition to credits such as Creative Magic Consultant for Costa Cruise Lines, she continues to dazzle audiences with her successful “Illusions” and “The Magic of Connie Boyd” shows.

Boyd is currently on tour in Italy. She also produced a magic show called "Illusions" that is currently in Asia and features a lead female magician assisted by nine talented dancers. Boyd divides her time between dual careers in both Europe and Las Vegas.

For more information, visit Connie Boyd's official website.

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