Chris Capehart (b.1950)


Real Name

Chris Capehart




Magician, Lecturer, Inventor

Place of Birth

New York, USA








Capehart possesses the ability of superior sleight-of hand. His skills at close-up magic are no less astonishing. His signature effects are "The Miser's Dream," and "The 3 Ring Routine," which is one of the cornerstones of magical illusions and has earned him the title "The Ring Master."

Interesting Fact

Capehart has a passion for robots. He enjoys building them in his leisure time and exhibits them in his shows. Capehart has been building a life-size replica of R2-D2 for 3 years and is near completion.


Chris Capehart's was born in New York, February 2, 1950. His first exposure to magic happened at the age of twenty.

Capehart was working as a mail clerk for a law firm in Harlem, New York. One afternoon he was to deliver mail for his firm, when he discovered a traveling circus had pitched tent nearby.

Instead of delivering the items, he found himself seated in the circus bleachers watching a magician performing. Capehart was floored by the magician and met him after the show.

"Presto" the magician started teaching Capehart tricks, and from that day on, he decided to pursue his dream in becoming a professional magician.

In 1979, Capehart started performing as a street magician in Manhattan. In the beginning, he would watch and try to emulate legendary street performer Jeff Sheridan's routine. While Sheridan worked the park, Capehart decided that the streets yielded more foot traffic.

So Capehart started developing, perfecting and polishing his routines on the street corners. He would frequent Tannen's magic shop and buy books and tricks for his routines.

He also hung out at the Governor Cafeteria, where he rubbed elbows and learned tricks from many of the greats in magic, like David Roth, Slydini and Dia Vernon.

In 1981, Capehart perfected his own linking ring act called "The 3 Ring Routine," and was later published in the highly acclaimed "Stars of Magic, vol 13."

His routine has been hailed as "the best of the best" by some of the world's most renowned magicians.

Capehart has since performed in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, New York, Philadelphia, Hollywood, Chicago, Denver and numerous other cities. He has also been asked to travel to England to perform at The Blackpool Magic Convention.

Over his thirty-five year career span, Capehart has been the recipient of numerous awards including the "Senator Crandall Award for Comedy."

In 2008, he graced the cover of "Genii Magazine" with a full story of his life.

Capehart is a regular headliner at the famous "Monday Night Magic" in New York City and "Hollywood's Magic Castle."

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