Cashetta (b.1971)


Cashetta's Real Name

Scott Weston


Queen of Magic


Magician, Comedian, Singer, Entertainer

Place of Birth

Little Falls, NJ, USA


6' (in stockings) 7' (with beehive hairdo and high-heels)






Cashetta possesses the ability to perform a multitude of skills, including singing, stand-up comedy, female impersonator, make up artist, and of course, magic.

Interesting Fact

She got her name in the 80's while out with friend in a nightclub in NYC. Some partygoers asked her name and she replied ”Scott”. After being told she needed a name much more exciting and suitable her friend Stefan she she needed something with a lot more cache! And then he came up with the name Cashetta and it’s served her well ever since.


Cashetta - The Queen of magic was born Scott Weston in Little Falls, New Jersey. Growing up near Manhattan, She had no other desire but to be in show business.

Her lifelong dream was to have her own show in Vegas. Little did she know, her dream would come to fruition.

She had always expected to be on Broadway. That’s what she wanted more than anything, but after a few auditions and experiencing it for what it was, the idea became less desirable.

While she continued to make the rounds and hone her skills, She tried a string of hopeless professions from advertising to automobile sales but held fast to her dream of becoming a professional entertainer.

Then in the mid-'90s, she got her big break landed a job working at Lips, a Manhattan restaurant that featured drag entertainment. She became a female impersonator, a stand-up comedian who also was a jazz singer.

She looked for other ways to stand out and remembered being interested in magic as a kid, so she decided to give the art of conjuring a try.

She spent the summer in Vegas working as a makeup artist and attending magic shows, studying the magicians. When she returned to New York she began studying magic and three months later landed a gig at the Fez jazz club as a drag magician.

Her first experience as a magician wasn't very good, she recalls, but she knew she was onto something.

She developed her act and became very successful working steadily on cruise ships and clubs in Europe and the United States.

In the late 90’s, she decided to combine her live singing, impeccable comic timing and flair for magic and has been delighting audiences ever since.

She's also been featured on Late Night with Conan O’Brien, The Today Show and Law and Order among many others.

Currently, the Queen of Magic is starring in "Magic's a Drag" at the Harmon Theater in Las Vegas.

Her act includes cards that disappear and reappear in unlikely places and a gypsy rope illusion that rivals Harry Houdini’s famous escapes. She even teaches an audience member, dressed in drag, to perform an illusion.

For more information, visit Cashetta official website.

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