Brian Gillis (b. ?)


Brian Gillis' Real Name

Brian Roland Gillis


Formally known as Ace Arcana


Magician, Mentalist

Place of Birth

Niagra Falls, New York, USA


5' 9"






Brian Gillis possesses the ability of superior sleight-of-hand skills. A master in the field of close-up magic, Gillis can manipulate any object with cunning misdirection and swift manual dexterity.

Interesting Fact

As a professional voice actor, Gillis was the voice of Subway sandwich commercials for 4 years.


Brian Gillis was born October 16, in Niagra Falls, New York.

Inspired by his remarkably accurate and entertaining fortune-telling grandmother, Brian took up Magic as a hobby at an early age.

After graduating from SUC at Brockport, New York, Gillis moved to Stamford, Connecticut, where he taught high school mathematics.

Brian borrowed his first book of magic from the local library as a tool to grasp the attention of his students.

As a result, his childhood hobby of magic resurfaced and began to take root. Brian began practicing and honing his prestidigitation skills, even during his tenure as a Psychology teacher in college.

He accelerated his education as a performer under the apprenticeship of the late, great Eddie Fechter, a man considered to be one of the greatest close-up Magicians of our time.

In The mid 70s, Gillis was offered a long-term job performing at the "Uncle Sam’s" club in Knoxville, TN., and he relocated there.

Gillis went on to perform as the resident magician at the popular theme park: Silver Dollar City (now Dollywood).

After five seasons of performing at the "Silver Dollar City," Brian set his sights in Hollywood.

Since his move to Los Angeles, Gillis has garnered an impressive list of credits including various television specials and several “Tonight Show” appearances (he's considered to have been “Johnny Carson's Favorite Magician).

Gillis has also received many honors, including "World's Best Close-Up Magician for the New Millennium" on the television special "The World Magic Awards."

In 2002, Brian joined forces with Laotian born magician Sisuepahn. After moving to America, she quite by chance (or fate) met Brian at a traffic light in LA.

When the light turned green, an extraordinary new professional relationship was born.

Recognizing her intense interest in Magic and Mentalism, Brian enlisted the aid of the great mentalist Eddie Fields (now deceased) to help showcase her innate talents.

After thousands of hours of assiduous practice and research, Sisuepahn has mastered Psychic/Comedy/Body-Magic techniques that have not been witnessed in over a century.

The sexy duo of Brian Gillis & Sisuepahn have been fascinating audiences with a mind-blowing blend of Mentalism and “Body Magic” that defies the laws of physics.

Gillis owns the beautiful "Redondo Beach Castle" in California, to which he rents out for various gala events.

In 2005, an independent horror film was shot on location at the castle.

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