Brett Daniels (b.?)


Real Name

Brett daniels





Place of Birth

Waukesha, Wisconsin. USA








Brett is a wizard of sleight-of-hand and illusion. He possesses the ability to manipulate matter, as well as defy the laws of physics.

He has performed lightning-quick productions of a motorcycle, Lamborghini, horse-drawn carriage, and a full-scale Navy fighter jet from thin air.

Daniels also mastered the ability to transmigrate; he has teleported himself from one side of the stage to the other in front of spellbound audiences,

and on the television show "World's Greatest Magic V," Daniels has teleported actress Kelly Packard from a ledge on the edge of the Grand Canyon to a rock formation in the center over a quarter mile away.

Interesting Fact

Daniels was bestowed the Merlin Award for Entertainer of The Year 2009 and is the only magician to receive the award for two consecutive years.


Growing up in Waukesha, Wisconsin, Brett daniels started doing magic at age 14. He began hanging around the local magic shop and studying sleight if hand from books of Vernon and Slydini.

Seeing Shimada on television drove him to focus on stage magic with cards and birds; furthur TV viewings of Henning and Siegfried and Roy pushed Brett toward large illusions.

Over the years, his act evolved through work in amusement parks, cruise ships, and casino revues.

With his card manipulations, parrot productions, Zombie routine, and the midair appearance of a levitating woman, Brett won the World Challenge Stage Competition at the Desert Magic Seminar in 1994.

Daniels moved on to perform on all but one of the World 's Greatest Magic television specials. At the end of 1997 Brett premiered his show "Magic & Beyond" at the Gold Strike Hotel & Casino in Mississippi.

Subsequent shows - "Magique" and "Journey Into The Unknown" - kept Daniels at the casino for the next three years, after which he made two tours of China and played two seasons in Branson Missouri.

In 1998 Mandalay Bay Resort Group built for Brett his own custom-designd theatre at Goldstrike Casino Resort in Mississippi which for three years became home to Brett's original performances of "Magic & Beyond," "Magique" and "Journey Into The Unknown."

These multi-million-dollar productions featured original scenic designs as well as one-of-a-kind, jaw-dropping illusions such as "Nightmare At The Gallows" and the impossible appearance of a fighter jet aircraft!

In 2003 he was voted "Magician of the Year" in Las Vegas and set box office records touring China performing an unprecedented sixty-eight sold out arena shows in Shanghai.

In Beijing, his magic TV special was broadcast live to 1.3 billion people, more people than had ever before seen a magic performance at one time. He followed that with a highly successful tour in China, performing his "Magic & Beyond" illusion concert for 10,000 people a day.

Brett next turned his energies to Wohscigam, a theatrical stage show that weaves a murder-mystery plot around the magic, with a focus on Brett's sleight -of hand skills. The production debuted in Wisconsin in April 2007.

One full year later, Brett opened the show at the Sahara in Las Vegas.

Unfortunately, many variables led to the cancelation of the show five weeks after it's debut. Brett Daniels is currently touring and starring in his large-scale illusion show titled "Masters of Magic."

For more information, visit Brett Daniels' official website.

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