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Magician, Card Manipulator/Flourisher

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Ho possesses the uncanny ability to manipulate playing cards with superior manual dexterity. He is one of today's foremost masters in the art of card flourishing. His skill, showmanship and talent has influenced thousands across the globe, and continues to raise the bar in the field of card flourishing.

Interesting Fact

Ho attended Raffles LaSalle Institute and holds a Bachelor of Arts. He has a passion for art and photography.


Bone Ho was born on May 29, in a small town in Southern part of Vietnam.

He became motherless at only 4 months old, and grew up under the guidance of his grandparents.

The loss of his mother gave him the fortitude and drive to never quit and achieve whatever he sets his mind on.

He was fascinated at magic as a child and learned his first trick: the penetration effect of two matchsticks. Young Ho continued practicing his new found art form, and began performing magic when he was 10 years old.

In 2001, he decided to travel abroad, and made Singapore his home for five years.

There, his popularity grew and became a big inspiration to budding magicians all around Singapore.

The following year, he became a member of "Superhandz," the world's biggest community of card flourishers and manipulators.

As a member, his extraordinary skill in flourishing garnered him accolades and a loyal following.

He even formed a dark and mysterious identity performing under the alias "Vampire."

Ho's reputation as a master card flourisher catapulted his career to performing internationally.

In 2004, he was invited to be a judge and performer of Singapore's Flourish Competition. Two years later, he and four of Asia's top magicians were invited to guest perform in "Mega Magic Theater Show."

In 2007, he went back to Vietnam, performing and showcasing his manipulation skills all over the country.

Ho has since released "how to" DVD's in flourishing; the first was "Eye Cut," in 2009, and then "Anaconda Dribble" in 2010.

He is also the founder of "Bone Ho Production," an entertainment events organization, advertising and promoting brands for companies through magic and illusion shows.

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