Ariann Black (b.1972)


Real Name

Arian Black





Place of Birth



Approx. 5' 8"






Ariann possesses the uncanny ability to take your breath away through her extraordinary feats of magic and illusion.

She has the incredible capacity to manipulate ordinary soap bubbles and create intricate designs and patterns. For example, she can magically tranform a round bubble into a square, and smoke filled bubbles appear inside larger bubbles.

Interesting Fact

Currently Ariann is the only professional female magician to have a degree in Magic.  She studied with the late Doug Henning. She also has a degree in magic having studied with Dale Salwack at the Chavez School of Magic.


Ariann Black's incredible performances captivate audiences around the globe.

She is considered to be the sexiest, talented and most accomplished female magician or our time. Arian's hard work payed off she took home the international award of Female Magician Of The Year 2004.

Ariann was born in Canada and began dabbling in the art of magic at the tender age of five. In her teenage years she studied Musical Theater in College, where she excelled in all of her classes.

Unable to suppress her burning desire to explore the real world, Ariann packed her bags and moved to California to continue her schooling.

While in California Ariann Spent time studying and learning more about the art of illusion from master magician Doug Henning. He told her to be true to herself and be original.

In keeping with that belief, all of Ariann's props are specially designed and built to her specifications. Almost all the illusions in her show are Arian's original creations.

At 19 she turned magic into a profession and moved to New York, where she ended up working at the Trump Plaza and Trump's Castle in Atlantic City. That led to various international work and after several years she settled in Las Vegas.

In Vegas she headlined her own magic show Secrets which played at the Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino.

She has also appeared in a number of other shows in major venues like "Splash" at the Riveria Hotel and Casino. In addition she does a large amount of corporate work.

On television she has appeared on Steve Harvey's Big Time on the WB network, "The Greater Magic Of Las Vegas," and "Lance Burton's Guerilla Magic."

Ariann has been featured in several documentaries for companies such as the BBC, and Art -A Television.

She also performed on NBC, The Family Channel, and Mega Vision just to mention a few. Ariann worked as a magic consultant on ABC's "The Chair" and appeared on Fox's "30 Seconds of Fame."

Currently Ariann is opening for The Amazing Johnathan at the Harmon theatre in Las Vegas.

For more information, visit Ariann Black's official website.

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