Bill Wisch

Bill Wisch is Tony Slydini's protege. Slydini was one of the two most influential, pure sleight of hand experts and teachers of general magic in the 20th century.

In 1973, Bill began studying with Slydini in New York City. In 1976, Slydini wrote a personal, authorization letter to all magic societies and associations in North America, sponsoring Bill to represent him and take his place introducing, demonstrating and marketing his long awaited, two-volume, book set, "THE BEST OF SLYDINI AND MORE", written by Karl Fulves.

Bill lectured Slydini's methods and techniques, as well as his own, to thousands of magicians in 38 cities across the US and Canada. Bill Wisch is the only student Slydini ever sponsored to lecture his magic on his behalf.

In 1978, Slydini sponsored Bill for a second North American tour of 36 cities, introducing and demonstrating his final, two-volume, companion book set, "THE MAGICAL WORLD OF SLYDINI", also by Karl Fulves.

Both sets are now considered classics of magical literature.

The tours were a resounding success and they established Bill as a major performer, inventor, contributor and influence on the world magic scene.

Since then Bill has presented well over 400 lectures to his peers with his video's, effects, books, articles and theories about sleight of hand being so innovative that literally thousands of magicians around the world have adapted and adopted them.

Bill Wisch is a Full-time, professional sleight of hand; magician, artist, lecturer, teacher, inventor and manufacturer, from 1971 to the present. As an innovator of magic, Bill specializes in a body of work that is 95% original.

Creator of numerous sleights and techniques designed to make learning and performing difficult sleight of hand magic easier and more efficient.

In 1979, in conjunction with Slydini, developed "Timing Techniques", a complete timing system designed to assist with instruction and practice of sleight of hand artistry.

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Magic Castle, Hollywood, CA Since 1977 - has performed in all three theatres - the Close-Up Gallery, the Parlour of Prestidigitation, and the Palace of Mystery, and lectured four times.

Magic Towne House, NYC  1981 -"Star of Magic Award"  for Close-Up Magic. Tannen's Jubilee 1987 - Featured close-up performer 1992 - Featured close-up performer and lecturer

Society of American Magicians 1990 National Convention Featured stage act, close-up performer and lecturer.

International Brotherhood of Magicians 1991 National Convention Featured close-up performer and lecturer.

NEMCON (New England Magician's Conference) XVI  honoree in 1997 -"for his contributions to the art of magic".

Caesar's Pocono Palace Four years as house magician from 1997 to 2001.

The International Conservatory of Magic (ICOM) Co-creator and co-director, since 1997, the world's first and largest, Internet magic school (

Metro-Magic VIP Co-creator and co-producer of the popular, NYC metropolitan area, one-day, close-up magic convention, held annually, on the first Sunday in October

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