Bill Malone (b.1959)


Bill Malone's Real Name

William Malone




Magician, Lecturer, Author, Teacher

Place of Birth

Chicago, Illinois








Bill Malone possesses the ability of supreme close-up magic skills. He specializes in card magic and bar magic.

Malone is known for his contributions in classic bar magic effects, such as "Bill in Lemon" and card under glass.

A popular card effect of his is the story of "Sam the Bellhop," in which Malone thoroughly shuffles a deck, only to magically deal out specific cards related to his narrative.

Interesting Fact

Malone is a disciple of legendary Ed Marlo. His sessions with Marlo made him known among magicians as one of the most technically proficient card handlers today.


Bill Malone was raised in Chicago, Illinois and became fascinated with magic at the age of 17 when he visited his first magic shop.

However it wasn't until 1978, when Malone discovered that legendary card magician Ed Marlo sold underground how-to manuscripts to those who were serious in learning card magic.

The exclusivity intrigued Malone so much that he arranged to meet Marlo in a parking lot to purchase the book.

Thereafter, the two would meet at a restaurant in Logan Square called Tony's. They would meet each Wednesday for typically six hours, but sometimes as long as 16.

Soon after, Malone began performing at "Little Bit of Magic," a comedy magic club on Chicago's south side. There, he learned the art of showmanship, and developed his unique comedic brand of magic.

Five years later, he moved on to the "New York Lounge," a popular magic club located on Chicago's north side.

Bill worked eight hours a night, seven days a week for over five years entertaining people from around the world.

His lengthy tenure at the New York lounge gave him invaluable insight into the business aspect of show business.

In 1987, Bill moved to Fort Lauderdale, Florida where he owned and operated his own comedy magic club called "Houdini's Pub."

Aside from his magic club venture, he also performed frequently outside Houdini's, quickly establishing himself as a popular entertainer in south Florida, and across the country.

His career skyrocketed when an NBC producer called to ask him to appear on their network television special, "The World's Greatest Magic."

His TV appearance on NBC resulted in subsequent prime-time television appearances. Bill's popularity led to him entertaining for such celebrities as Donald Trump, Robin Leach and Jay Leno.

On March 10, 1995, the Boca Resort Hotel & Club formed a partnership with Bill and together they created "Malone's Magic Bar."

Malone's Magic Bar was a host to dozens of magicians, many of which have gone on to become very successful in magic. The bar was in operation for over a decade.

Bill has also produced multi-volume instructional DVD's, including "Malone Meets Marlo," "Here I Go Again," and "On The Loose."

Bill and his wife, Barbara, live in Boca Raton, Florida with their three sons.

For more information, visit Bill Malone's official website.

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